Shree Ganapati Atharvashirsha

Shree Ganapati Atharvashirsha After initiation in Sahaja Yoga meditation, the practitioner is asked to cleanse & strengthen his Mooladhara Chakra first because this chakra is the seat of Shri Ganesh. Shri Ganesh awakens within you and you start getting all the benefits directly by Shri Gangesh. Once you start experiencing the divine cool vibrations, you

Kati Patang movie review – Aumaparna

Kati Patang movie – 1970 A female is deeply in love with a male. Female role played by Asha Parekh and male role – the role of first lover – Prem Chopra. Prem is actually in love with sexy siren Bindu (had Bindu taken birth in the 1990’s – she would have been the most

Aradhana Movie – 1969 – A Review

Aradhana Movie – 1969 The Dream Girl of Indian Males (Sapno Ki Rani) Here are the details of the daft ‘Dream Girl’ that Indian Males yearn for! An Alistair Mclean reading female ( means convent educated), befriends a male (Pilot), copulates with him – Before Wedlock – Pilot dies – convent educated lady delivers the baby

Trishul Movie Review- 1978 Release

Trishul Movie Review Watched the film – after a long time again – with a mature brain @ Zee Classic! Pre-requisite (to understand the review ) – You have watched the film. This film was released in 1978. So how many Indian citizens understood that: Males should not sleep around before wedlock. (How Sanjeev Kr.

Belar Sesh : At the dawn of life- Bengali Film Review

 What is the film Belar Sesh all about? Movie tried to take up the relationship issues starting from couples who had seen the days when there were no phones to the days when even beggars have phones and are begging with PayTM! Storyline: An aged man, in his 70’s is the owner of a big

Kadambari – A Bengali Film Review.

Kadambari – The Review: Saw Bengali film ‘Kadombari’ today. Based on the life of Kobi Guru.(Rabindranath Tagore) The Director certainly has played the game deftly! NO ‘LOCHA’ Scene – not a single one!! Could not afford it actually. Bengalis would have ‘Eaten Him Up Alive’! He would have had to run for his life! So

Tantrically Yours – A Short Love Story

Abha took an instant liking for Dinesh. He was new in the neighborhood and was a final year Engineering student. Abha tried everything under the sun to draw his attention towards her – but failed all the times!  After having used all the tricks as shown in movies and heard in real life … like

Ebar Shabor – A Bengali Thriller film – Review

Ebar Shabor – Bengali Thriller film SO this is a murder mystery. I will obviously not reveal the end. I do have some ethics. There is this girl – Mitali , who falls in love with an academically intelligent but financially poor fellow by the name of Paltu Haldar. The girl belongs to a well-to-do…rather pretty

Doli Armaano Ki – A Zee TV Presentation – Review.

Doli Armaano Ki means palanquin of desires/ wishes – disastrous! Samrat, the main protagonist, has the following qualities: He is a wife beater A womanizer A cheater Rude, cruel…basically every possible vice that a man can possess. Do not forget to watch his Mother – very important character in this serial – Doli Armaano Ki .

Look at Shri Krishna from Duruyodhana’s point of view…

Look at Shri Krishna from Duruyodhana’s point of view… Who do you see? The greatest villain of the era – the one responsible for destroying not just the Kuru vansh but also all the other kingdoms who supported them blindly – fought for them, all soldiers….several families – those who belonged to the supporters of