Gone Girl – When Infidelity Is Aptly Punished !

When Infidelity Is Punished Aptly! Amy, a celebrity since childhood, gets married to a regular guy Nick. Her first mistake. Amy’s parents had brought her up in a very competitive environment and were always pushing her into limelight – they made her a celebrity and were basically living off her earnings! She meets Nick, a

A Ray Of Hope For The Positive, Cultured And Progressive Thinking Indian Citizens

A Ray Of Hope For The Positive, Cultured And Progressive Thinking Indian Citizens Censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani! With parents trying to teach good manners and schools introducing value –based education, everything comes crumbling down when films- esp. the lead actors and actresses use ‘cuss’ words so often and with a lot of pride too!

NH 10 – Film Review – Ego Kills, Hatred Kills, Revenge Kills

Synopsis In the absence of love and attachment – you turn into a demon – a devil! Male EGO may cost you (males) your life!!….even female ego can…basically EGO is harmful!! Do not interfere in someone else’s affairs…Oil you own machine (famous quote in Bengal). Kudos to Anuskha (Anu)! Here is the storyline. Both man

Badlapur Review – Imprisoned in Vengeance

Summary : Dexter in the state of personal vengeance! So there is this 22 years old fellow and his 21 years old girlfriend – who have done the ‘needful’ before wedlock and by chance – maybe they had forgotten to use condoms … she becomes pregnant before marriage! This guy was getting the opportunity of

A dumb small town girl goes on to become an adult magazine model…

A 5th March Episode on Life Ok. A dumb small town girl goes on to become an adult magazine model ……without her knowledge! Like she wants to become a model – takes some phone numbers of directors and producers from the internet and reaches Mumbai looking for a modelling job! She is not at all

Who would you rather be like – Mother Sita or Princess Surpanakha?

You may write about your role model. I am citing Indian epic examples here. Eligibility to understand this write-up – Knowledge of Ramayana. Mother Sita – Conveyed the message to womenlore – esp. those supported by the Good, righteous men – that the ‘Line of protection’ (Maryadas) – drawn by men is for protection and

So Hijaab/Naquaab is a very scientific approach to dressing after all!

Yet another Scientific Approach Practiced Since Ages by Muslims We are now calling it UV Protection caps and thinking ourselves to be great innovators! The skin of women is more delicate and thus it gets tanned & blemished easily with too much exposure to sun – thus the Niquab or Hijab. UVA & UVB radiations

Why Chitrangada Singh could not become a super-hot actress in spite of her striking good looks?

Chitrangada Singh, the actress I first saw in the film ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi ‘ (HKA hereinafter) – she obviously is a striking beauty – no doubt about it – but in spite of her pretty face – she could not make it big…till very late. The reason may be as follows – In the film HKA:

Manish Jha’s – MatruBhoomi – A film review.

Story on the after effects of female feoticide ie. Killing of Girl child either in the womb or after birth – a common happening in India . Story Line:   Father of 5 sons looking for a bride for one of his sons. Bride is unavailable in the village – since it’s a No Woman

What is the most amazing thing about film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’?

I found the following idea to be the most hilariously amazing thing about the film – Jab Tak hai Jaan! Qualifications required to become an ace Army officer in India….. Following (according to our rich and affluent & highly influential film Industry): You gotta be a beggar living hand to mouth in a foreign country.