Happy New Year 2014 – Film Review

Indians are preparing for a Sexy Happy New Year This Diwali! What a relief..release Sirji(s)…. Indian Admin wonders how to stop rapes and other atrocities against women. Pimps will make a lot of money – males will approach them after the show for a ‘Quicky’ with the local prostitute….like how can they keep their libidos

‘Men are allowed polygamy’- Concept is more socially scientific than religious in nature

‘Men are allowed polygamy’- Concept is more socially scientific than religious in nature Disclaimer: These are strictly my views based on the things I have been exposed in my life till date – in the form of real life interactions with friends and acquaintances , books, novels, films, teleserials and Internet. Following are some biological

9 years old boy is sexually abused by a 50 plus old lady tutor !

  This is true – a Savdhaan India episode! Both parents are working – busy in career and they leave their only son in the hands of a wicked witch who happens to be living in their neighbourhood – adjacent flat. This lady is educated and offers to take care of Arjun’s homework etc. but

Why India Shows Slow Progress?

It may sound back dated, hilarious, unimaginable, superstitious  – the logic that I am going to present – but here is it. Every country has its personal astral chart. Yea, horoscope I mean. Like you and me – we have our destinies chalked out according to our karmas – the planets get aligned according to

Savdhaan India Episode – Husband forces wife to join his escort (call girl) business!

Opening scene is showing excited parents getting ready to get their daughter married – although the girl was educated but she (Rekha)  could not speak English well – whereas the guy Vikram was from the US and was running his own call center. They were filthy rich and marriage was fixed in a haste! Shows

Savdhaan India Episode – Debauch Professor Avatar is Murdered

Old haggard College Professor attempts to murder wife for a young girl student This episode shows that an old haggard 55 plus college Professor is talking very politely to his wife and behaving extra nice with her. Soft spoken and suave to his wife who could never become a mother – we wonder – while

Ram leela – Film Review

Ram leela – The unfinished Kaam… Where ‘Kaam’ can mean both ‘work’ and ‘lust’! So fearless and brave Bollywoodians came out with a movie named ‘Ramleela’ – which is one of the supposedly revered religious events of the Hindus residing in India and even abroad. Anyways, we cannot catch them or even abuse them saying

A Savdhaan India Episode – Lady Teacher raped by male teachers!

Savdhaan India – India Fights Back – 3rd September 2013 : Ep 402 A Savdhaan India Episode – this one  must be having more to say than the eye catches!! A Lady teacher – young – has escaped from her small town – gone against her father and staying in a Ladies Hostel in Lucknow.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Amazing film – really. fact/truth  is definitely stranger than fiction!   The poor little 11 years old child went through such gory experiences – my heart cried for him. Especially the scene when he slips on the blood of his own kith and kin and sees the dead body of his parents! And why all this?

Lootera (2013) – Film Review

Based on the story ‘The Last Leaf’ ! Really the Bollywood story writers will never cease to surprise me! Only an Indian born and brought up entity can manage to scramble a story like this! There is some bit of ‘Mills and Boons’  mushy romance touch too! By the way, the actress is asthmatic patient