DOMESTIC HELPERS TO GET Rs.9000 Pm – The repercussion!

DOMESTIC HELPERS TO GET Rs.9000 Pm  Really!? In India (at least in Kolkata), Data Entry operators get 2,500/-, Teachers in pvt. schools get 3,000/-, Receptionist, Personal Assistants, Admin officers, Accountant get between 4,500 to 10,000/- – They are all holding minimum education certificates – at least graduates i.e. or else they will not get the

Basic Human Facts: On Scanty Dressing Sense

Basic Human Facts: On Scanty Dressing Sense Humans usually undress in presence of other when they are about to engage in the process of fornication. So when a person – especially belonging to the female gender is dressed scantily – i.e. she appears half dressed – indicates that she may be ready for ‘doing the

The Making Of A Female Consenting Adult – Nishabd Review

The Making Of A Female Consenting Adult Here is the background of the young female adult (Jia) who initiates the aged adult (Vijay) into passion-pangs at ripe old age! Jia’s father had left her mother – she was from a broken family. No father figure or brother figure- no family ties – so she saw

From Dumb Boss to Clever Boss – The transition.

Often those bosses who are nice, kind and gentle are thought of as dumb and foolish – by those very people who work under them. Maybe deep inside the human psyche, it has gotten deeply etched that Bosses should be (are) tyrannical brutes who will kick the butt (of employee) at the slightest pretext! In

Maharashtra, India – The spiritual significance behind.

The significance of Maharashtra, India for emancipation of World from miseries! Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity of the Mooladhara chakra in individuals. A significant part of the Mooladhara region of Mother Earth is in Maharashtra. Mother Earth is also the central point of our Universe – which means that part of Mooladhara area of

The Seed And Us – Similarities

Just like the seed needs the warmth and nourishment of Mother Earth (soil) to germinate, so do we need the blessings of a Sadhguru to evolve into our own higher state or get our self realization. Notice that the seed  already has the elements required for it to germinate and grow into a plant or

Cocktail – 2012 Indian Film

Cocktail – 2012 Indian Film Means – Cocktale – Tale of a cock Main Characters – 3 in number I.He is the male who is a womaniser. Likes to party – booze, dance, flirt. Name in film – Gutlu (gautam)   II. She is a maniser*. *Female who readily agrees to sleep with any male

Be thankful to your ancestors!

Be thankful to your earlier generations – what they have gone through themselves and what they have left for us…instead of cursing them and discussing things they could have done to avoid some mishap or calamity! Were you there at that point of time? Had you any clue as to what kind of a lifestyle

Comparitive Analysis – Aaina vs. Laga Chunari Main Daag

Aaina – release year 1977 Aaina – remake – Laga Chunari Man Daag (LCMD) – release year 2007 30 years later, Bollywood made the same theme because they failed to drive in the message in the think-brains of we, the Indians – way back in 1977! So in LCMD- Rani (who eventually becomes a prostitute

Parents: Surr-prige Bhisit (Surprise visit) na hi de to behetar hai!

Indian Addt. World Megaminds are subtly training Indian parents to accept ‘Live in’ relationship of their children! Indian Parents….. Surr-prige Bhisit (Surprise visit) na hi de to behetar hai! This advt. shows that a male is living in with a female…but has given her good training though….. …as soon as she sees his parents…she quietly