Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Amazing film – really. fact/truth  is definitely stranger than fiction!   The poor little 11 years old child went through such gory experiences – my heart cried for him. Especially the scene when he slips on the blood of his own kith and kin and sees the dead body of his parents! And why all this?


Based on the story ‘The Last Leaf’ ! Really the Bollywood story writers will never cease to surprise me! Only an Indian born and brought up entity can manage to scramble a story like this! There is some bit of ‘Mills and Boons’  mushy romance touch too! By the way, the actress is asthmatic patient

The Hurt Toenail

The Hurt Toenail He happened to hurt His toenail Accidentally It started to pain a lot   Immediate first aid was given By His near & dear ones Many showed their concern Some genuine, other false His favourite dish was cooked To make him happy Still it hurt   His favourite comedy show was showing


(image: Connect The idol you pray to That may be made of Porcelain, crystal or clay Will only respond If you connect to HIM From within   Much like the cell phone you posses That may be made by Nokia, Samsung or Apple Will be of no use If the SIM card within Is

Where’s the confusion?

Image Courtesy:   Where’s the confusion? I often hear People say things like – No one knows What is right And What is wrong It’s just a perception Everything is right & everything is wrong It’s a matter of perspective – that’s all. Really?! Let me enumerate the wrongs – Lying, Stealing, Cheating Terrorizing,

Waiting for divine intervention?

Image courtesy:   Waiting for divine intervention? We all have come a long way Way too long a way I must say Our creature comforts Got multiplied a zillion times! We read about the yester-era Kings & Administrators And appear bewildered! We discuss in history classes In coffee houses and pubs Virtual discussion forums…

But He Still Remains Sad

But He Still Remains Sad He succeeded in reaching all the heights – set by the worldly-wise He was handsome, rich, powerful Famous, ambitious, motivated Surrounded with all the glitz & glamor & his addiction towards attractive women…. Things were going very fine His grand wedding became the talk of the town His children were

X& Y Chromosome- The fight begins!

  X& Y Chromosome- The fight begins! Just this one single microscopic chromosome In the Meiotic cells of human beings Caused such a HUGE ruckus…in our world! Presence of ‘Y’ ensured physical strength Presence of ‘X’ ensured the ‘all important’ contours All other systems – remain absolutely the same Skeletal, digestive, respiratory…..11 in all –

Then life becomes a fascination

  Then life becomes a fascination The Egg stage Life about to begin In Mother’s protective womb The Larva stage Popped out – stepped into the world unknown Innocent, ignorant Learning the ways of life – slowly & steadily Chewing and munching, musing Foods for thought The Pupa Stage Lots been absorbed now Let’s contemplate,

Losing Your USP

Losing Your USP The bulb fused The filament had burnt It didn’t give any light anymore It was discarded The nib of the pen Broke It had to be thrown Couldn’t write with it after all! She didn’t love anymore She had lost her warmth, care & affection She forgot all about her purity, dignity