Doli Armaano Ki – A Zee TV Presentation – Review.

Doli Armaano Ki means palanquin of desires/ wishes – disastrous! Samrat, the main protagonist, has the following qualities: He is a wife beater A womanizer A cheater Rude, cruel…basically every possible vice that a man can possess. Do not forget to watch his Mother – very important character in this serial – Doli Armaano Ki .

Look at Shri Krishna from Duruyodhana’s point of view…

Look at Shri Krishna from Duruyodhana’s point of view… Who do you see? The greatest villain of the era – the one responsible for destroying not just the Kuru vansh but also all the other kingdoms who supported them blindly – fought for them, all soldiers….several families – those who belonged to the supporters of

Margarita with a straw – Film Review

Sad film indeed. Helen Keller — ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet’ First lesson learnt – Never ever crib or be depressed for whatever reason – there is so much more pain in this world! Here, in our world, normal or so called able humans are committing suicide

Have you ever really loved God?

If you really LOVE GOD Be like HIS dearest devotee – Shree Hanuman Gods are playful, they give you powers & watch you How exactly are you utilizing those powers Whether to fulfill your frivolous worldly desires Or to tell the world about the glories of the Creator…. Preserve the pure, the good and all

High heels are hazardous to health!

When high heels are hazardous to health, why are certain work places making it mandatory for their lady employees!? Message from concerned parents to certain work cultures that make high heels mandatory! I need not go into details of exactly which service Industry forces girls and women to wear high heels while on work! All

How are the old film actresses any different from the current generation actresses?

No difference at all methinks!! Just that what the intelligent oldies did behind the screen, the dumb youngies are doing onscreen!! Film Audition during the 1950s….and people are screaming that females nowadays have lost all sense of shame!!?? Film world always meant shamelessness! And think about it…posters and pictures of such images ruled over all

Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam!? seriously?!

Discussing about the most talked about Pakistani serial – Dastaan Airing in India on Zindagi under the title Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam Haseen sitam??! What is so haseen (beautiful) about this story!? How can such a sad and gory story of Bano be renamed as ‘Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam’? These guys never went to school!? Never

Hail Indian Packaging Industry!

Do you think India should invest some good money in the packaging Industry so as to purchase sophisticated packaging machines? I remember I was pretty happy & content with the original toffee wraps – the simple ones – you twist and turn and lo behold! the toffee is in your mouth. Then the struggle started

Gone Girl – When Infidelity Is Aptly Punished !

When Infidelity Is Punished Aptly! Amy, a celebrity since childhood, gets married to a regular guy Nick. Her first mistake. Amy’s parents had brought her up in a very competitive environment and were always pushing her into limelight – they made her a celebrity and were basically living off her earnings! She meets Nick, a

A Ray Of Hope For The Positive, Cultured And Progressive Thinking Indian Citizens

A Ray Of Hope For The Positive, Cultured And Progressive Thinking Indian Citizens Censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani! With parents trying to teach good manners and schools introducing value –based education, everything comes crumbling down when films- esp. the lead actors and actresses use ‘cuss’ words so often and with a lot of pride too!