1980- Insaaf ka Tarazu vs. 2016 – Kapoor n Sons

How human psyche changes with constant bombardment of idiocy!

1980 – Insaaf ka Tarazu – We, the scandalized people, discussed and cussed in hushed tones whether it was right to show an Indian woman in a bra and panty – we were like hawwwww!!

2016 – Kapoor & sons – We, the drooly pig-like people, gladly and pop-eyed-ly and mouth-wateringly watched Alia in a tiny-winy bikini. People are nor ordering for the same online!


So who brought about such great mind change among we, the people? Like initially females were forced to undress and look sexy to entertain the sex-starved depraved males …now girls are themselves undressing to look sexy to win the admiration of debauch males! Wow!

All thanks to the film Industry – they really worked hard to implant such utter shamelessness among the women of India! They also successfully failed all the efforts of all those men and women who fought for ‘Women’s Liberation’ – to liberate them from the only designation they were forced to accept – either become a baby producing machine – a wife or a concubine! All efforts to educate and enlighten them (women) so that they can lead a respectable life failed because the entertainment industry saw to it that females are presented & promoted in just ‘sensually enticing’ ways…and they continue to behave like dumb females only eager to please the depraved males!

Hail India – Hail Indians!

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