The Hurt Toenail

The Hurt Toenail

He happened to hurt His toenail


It started to pain a lot


Immediate first aid was given

By His near & dear ones

Many showed their concern

Some genuine, other false

His favourite dish was cooked

To make him happy

Still it hurt


His favourite comedy show was showing

But still the pain wasn’t going

Whatever was being done to make him

Feel at ease

He acknowledged it all though

But the pain still wouldn’t go!


Pain remained the focal point.

Similar is the story of …


Our Father who art in heaven

Hallowed is whose name….

No matter how much we try to please Him

His heart will still yearn for His children

Who have drifted away from Him

And the greatest good will be done

Only when the lost souls are brought back on track…

& we all become ONE.

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