A song that GOD dedicated to me!

A song that GOD dedicated to me!

I always had this habit (even before coming to Sahaja Yoga) to dedicate filmy songs to God. Like you have these radio programs where friends or lovers dedicate songs to each other…similarly I used to say ‘God I dedicate this song to you’ – provided I liked the song…..and if it was a duet romantic song, I would say ‘God  – both the yang and yin factors in me are singing this for you’!…if male voice – then Yang in me singing…and a female voice, then Yin in me singling…this way I used to mentally converse with God (methinks it is quite common among Indians…see the way most film song tunes are made into Bhakti sangeet!).

For example – I had this beautiful calendar of Maa Kali’s pic – where she was looking exceptionally beautiful and benevolent…and I often sang this song for hertere chehere se nazar nahi hat-ti nazaare hum kya dekhen’…like this..

Well, 2002, Sahaja happened to me…so automatically my Guru became my God and I continued as usual dedicating filmy songs to Mother (old habits die hard you see). I had bought a new cell phone – my very first cell phone – colourful Nokia – and I started listening to FM radio….mostly to songs…News was never a priority to me!!

So I was generally doing some work on the computer, with Mother’s picture on my table and listening to FM radio. Then I told Mother…‘Do you love me as much as I do?’….then I mentally told myself...’Okay Mother, the next song that comes, I will think that you have dedicated it to me!’

So one song got over and the Radio Jockey started to tell about the next song….and she went like –

 ‘ The next song is from the film Naukar….’

Well folks, as I heard the name ‘Naukar’ , I mentally started to converse with Mother…no I never hear the singer or lyricist or musician names…or who dedicated the song for whom….so while the commentary was continuing..I started to say mentally…thinking that the song would be the ‘Pallo latke’ song – a smash hit during its time – would be played! And I was going like-

Really Mother…Pallo latke?…I mean I don’t even have a pallo…zara tedo ho ja balma mora jiyo bhatke….?!…..it is not at all applicable to me Mother…from what angle is the song for me…..’ – and suddenly the song started….

It was not ‘Pallo Latke’ song...it was ‘Aaya na karo gudiya mere paas, dukh mera sunke tum ho jaogi udaas’ (translation : Don’t come close to me my doll, up on hearing about my sadness, you yourself will become sad’!)

Gosh! I could not imagine that this would the song that will play…and I started to cry bitterly (siskiya bhar bhar ke rone lagi)….ever since that day…whenever this song plays..I either switch it off or run away from the venue…because this song only makes me cry…and cry bitterly!! – Yes, Mothers have suffered a lot in our world – A hell lot!

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