Connectivity with the creator is reflected as goodness in the being.

Connectivity with the creator is reflected as goodness in the being.

The one connected may not be one hundred percent perfect but he is definitely on the path leading to his own refinement, hence resulting in the union / oneness with the source – the creator.

The part and parcel of HIM is reflected in the being as his very own aatma – which needs to enlightened. And this enlightenment is possible only by maintaining connection with the source – the Supreme spirit Param.

This connection is effortless, this connection is onneness, this leads to joy and sprouting of love and goodness for HIS creation.

This big thing when taken care of, then those small issues at the materialistic level are automatically taken care of by the powers running this world.

This effortless union demands only pure desire by the being. Rest this Supreme power takes care of all.

The divine blessings are poured at both spiritual as well as materialistic level. The life is on a joyful ‘ mode’

Beauty of HIS creation and blessings by HIM are in abundance.

And if we are unable to receive, then where does the problem lie? In the divine or in own self.?
This self when if is not surrendered and the mind functions then the result is depression, anger, guilt, boredom……..

Choice is at awareness level.

A small desire for complete surrender can lead to tonnes of countless blessings and real joy….. being in this world and not belonging to it.
Attatched to the source and doing all chores in this world at at detached mode.

Jai Shree Mata ji
Rupinder Kaur
Sahaja Yogini | Faridkot, India
12.23pm | 08.01.2019

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