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Christie (1890-1976), prolific British author of mystery novels and short stories, is especially famous as the creator of Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective, and Miss Jane Marple.
Agatha Christiewas born in Torquay, in the county of Devon, as the daughter of Frederick Alvah Miller andClarissa Miller. Her father died when she was a child.
Christie was educated at home, where her mother encouraged her to write from a very early age. At sixteen she was sent to school in Paris where she studied singing and piano. In 1914 Christie married Archibald Christie, an officer in the Flying Royal Corps; their daughter, Rosalind, was born in 1919.

Christie’s first detective novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, introduced Hercule Poirot,the Belgian detective, who appeared in more than 40 books, the last of which was Curtain (1975).

Christie’s other famous detective, Miss Marple, an elderly spinster, was a typical English character, but while Poirot used logic and rational methods, Marple relied on her feminine sensitivity and empathy to solve crimes. Both Poirot and Marple have been adapted for film and television .

Christie’s marriage broke up in 1926. Archie Christie, who worked in the City, announced that he had fallen in love with a younger woman, Nancy Neele. In the same year Christie’s beloved mother died.

The story of Christie’s real life adventure in the 1926, when she disappeared for a time and lived in a Harrowgate hotel under the name Mrs. Neele, was the basis for the film Agatha.

During WW II Christie worked in the dispensary of University College Hospital in London. After the war she continued to write prolifically, also gaining success on the stage and in the cinema. In 1967 Christie became president of the British Detection Club,and in 1971 she was made a Dame of the British Empire. Christie died on January12, 1976.

With over one hundred novels and 103 translations into foreign languages, Christie was by the time of her death the best-selling English novelist of all time.

I personally was a great fan of both Miss Maple & H.Poirot. From class 8th to — I think class 12th, I used to look for her stories/novels in all the available Libraries. Had even bought some in order to exchange – this was one major problem in Army life, we had to do away with so many novels while going to some other city….posted elsewhere I mean.

Anyway while making this latest website on authors who touched my life in one way or the other, I obviously typed one of my favorite authoress in the google search engine – & I got the above information! I was rather touched by reading the part —-where, after being such a successful & intelligent woman, her husband left her for a younger woman – cripes ! I hate such men !! she even had given birth to a baby girl – she had fulfilled her family life by being a good woman, wife & mother !! – but look at such dirty males – shameless – with a daughter old enough to get married, lo behold the father dumps both Mother & daughter for a “Pretty Woman” I suppose! (refer movie “Pretty Woman” where Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to an afternoon party where other Ladies – elite class, cultured & educated wives were present and were looking down at Julia whose face & get-up obviously revealed that she was a “one-night-stand- pick -up woman” No Lady can obviously stand such women who break homes!I wonder why these educated wives don’t rehabilitate these “call girls” once and for all – so as to avoid heart breaks and heart aches !

Anyways, as I have mentioned earlier, what came out in print media first , became films and won Oscar Awards as well !! Good Lady Christie was of course no longer alive to see the major blockbusters her imaginations led to but I am sure her husband and his later life “kept…keep..whatever” must have seen and lamented the loss of such an intelligent & cultured Lady…well maybe not .. Nancy Neele (2nd innings…) -must have kept him busy with something/s else !!

Our Bollywood movies also copy/paste bits and pieces from her imaginations but only about .03% of the Indians come to know of it the rest of them barely know to read or even understand English..taking this as an advantage, the Directors are freaking out with supposedly new themes, ideas & concepts !!

To know more about her, you can visit her sites made by her only Grandchild. Good work done for Granny !So aged Ladies who live with the fear that they will be thrown in the” Home for the aged” do have some hope with such good Grandchildren.




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    Rob – I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve wctehad several of the Poirot adaptations. Some of them were more faithful than others and in some cases the adaptations make some sense. In this case, I agree completely that those changes added nothing to the story.

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