Arise, Awake – Do not let falsehood rule over you!

Beware of those ‘supposedly’ spiritual Gurus –

– esp. those who claim to take you closer to God or recommend your name and deeds (misdeeds included) to God and ask for forgiveness on your behalf so that you will not have to face the brunt of your Karmas!

Beware of those Gurus who treat the following human attributes with kid gloves :

(treating with Kid Gloves: : to be very polite or kind to someone because you do not want to make them angry or upset.)

  •  Licentious natures
  • Debauchery
  • Alcoholism
  • Immoral and impure lifestyle
  • Drug addiction – smoking/ inhaling/ injection

You see, if your Guru takes the above human qualities very lightly and even asks you to continue with your weaknesses or even aggravate it to the hilt – he/ she is clearly not a Sadh-Guru – True Spiritual master – but a False Guru who is just after your money and is basically like your servant who is encouraging all your idiocies – in return of easy money. Like he may be even worse than a servant – at least the servant does some work to earn money but a False/ Cheat/ Charlatan of a Guru just makes a fool of you and you give him money and more money so that he can continue to befool you !

Arise, Awake – Do not let falsehood rule over you!

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