Astrology & Self Realization - The Connection

|| Shri Nirmal Ganeshaya Namah ||

(from the memoirs of a Sahaja Yoigi brother who spent over a decade alongside Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. )

Astrology is valid science.
Over the period of 2 decades of association with Mother the concept of Jyotir Vidya (Astrology) has been enlightened by Mahamaya on various ocassions.

  • Mother has spoken of following terms in Astrology:
  1. Panchaang
  2. Lagna or the Ascendant
  3. Rashi and imp. of moon chart
  4. Muhurata
  5. RAHASYA of Her own chart
  • Mother has spoken about following teachers of Astrology
  1. Bhrighu Muni
  2. Markandeya
  3. Parashara Maha Rishi
  4. BV Raman
  5. Krishna Murthi
  6. Lalit Bhandari (Sahaja Yogi who made the first chart of Mother)
  • Mother has clearly highlighted following philosophies/techniques
  1. Bhrighu Samhita
  2. Naadi Grantha
  3. Parashari
  4. Dr. BV Raman
  5. Krishnamurthi technique

Way back in 1986-87 I had runaway from my house in search of Truth and travelled through the states of Maharashtra, Madhyapradesh, Uttarpradesh upto Nepal to find the unknown that beckoned me every night.

I finally reached Varanasi where I have many relatives and found shelter in the house of my paternal uncle. Every morning I would explore the Ghats of Varanasi and meet the Pandits and Scholars doing rituals and puja etc. These Ghats that are beautifully aligned on the banks of the river Ganges. The two Ghats that attracted my attention were Dashashwamedh Ghat and PanchGanga Ghat.

The PanchGanga Ghat of five sanctified rivers (Ganges, Saraswati, Yamuna, Kirana and Dhupapapa) they met here making this place holy. This site also served as a teaching place for Maharishi Ramananda of Pushti Marga. Kabir met his Guru Ramananda here on the steps of Panchganga Ghat. To this day one can meet many bards who sing the kabirvaani using Dapahli and Ek Tara…(Tuntuna).

I found my first astrology Guru here who after seven days of guidance sent me back home in Mumbai. In seven days I haf mastered the science of Panchang here on the banks of Panchganga. Remaining I learnt from Dr. BV Raman and Dr. Dayashsnkar and most advance from Mother.

Of all the terms of astrology, Mother has only put emphasis on Panchangam. The five vital limbs of Jyotir Vidya.
They are:

  1. NAKSHATRA (27 of them each having four parts or pada so 27X4=108)
  2. TITHI: The lunar date are 16 phases of the moon between the Amavasya to Poornima( Waxing n Waning)
  3. YOGA: Each Nakshatra gives you a type of Yoga/ life path and are of 27 types depending upon the Nakshaktra one is born along with Tithi.
  4. KARAN: This is the subtle element of moving and dual or static phase of stars.
  5. VAR: The seven days of the week like Ravivar, Somvar… and so on till Shanivar.

Other parts about astrology I will copy paste the speech of Mother…
My talks about this subject with Mother are highly advanced that included the making of Attar (perfume) for each type of Rashi Lord and Chakra…and using migrations as remedy for rectifying certain dosha. So far astrology had three palliatives:
a. Mantram or Japam
(Meditation n reciting of Mantra)
b. Ayurvedam
(Use of Ayurvedic Medicines)
c. Maniratnam
(Wearing Precious Gems for planets)

Mother introduced fourth palliatives of MIGRATIONS which I mentioned to her was used by Prophet Mohammad(SAW)when He migrated from Mecca to Medina and back to Mecca.

She smiled and quoted about the migration of Krishna and that of Rama and Pandavas. Even Moses and Prophet Noah…

Mother also mentioned that She has been migrating the most of all the incarnations…She explained the Mathematics of latitude and Longitudes of the place of Migrations. She also mentioned that in Sahaja Yoga, after attaining a certain stage, Paramchaitanya will facilitate it automatically…

(Even marriages in SY cause migrations, this aspect and amazing fact behind Haldi Kumkum will be highlighted later)

How the malefic influence of certain Period/Dasha/Planet can get cancelled by migration was an eye opener.
Using the principle of migration, I have currently taken a year long sabbatical from US, enjoying my time in India traveling around.

(This part is mix of Mother’s speech along with other inputs from scriptures)
Astrology is division of the body of Kaalpurusha with 12 houses and 9 planets so 12×9=108
And there are three Naadis of Antya, Madhya and Adya…
So 3 types of Naadi multiplied by 7 chakras, raise to 108. we have these many strands of Kundalini within our Sacrum bone. Each strand has further 3×7 raise to 108 powers embedded and this is infinite. Complete Enlightenment happens when all the strands of Kundalini reach the Bhramarandhra…

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