Basic Human Facts: On Scanty Dressing Sense

Basic Human Facts: On Scanty Dressing Sense

Humans usually undress in presence of other when they are about to engage in the process of fornication.

So when a person – especially belonging to the female gender is dressed scantily – i.e. she appears half dressed – indicates that she may be ready for ‘doing the needful’. When she is spotted publicly wearing ‘tiny clothes’ – almost every male becomes bound to imagine that she may be inviting him to have sex. She thus starts getting lewd comments and thugs begin to stalk her.

FAQ: Why do well-dressed females get eve-teased then?

Ans. In India, hardly do you get to see scantily dressed females – couple of them in real life – rest of them in reel life (peeping at you from boards, hoarding, magazine covers, mms, internet etc.) Males who do not have much self control ..but are constantly fed with dirty images and mms – dive for any female (irrespective of dress sense) who they find to be susceptible – like away from crowd, in some secluded area or groping in crowded buses/trains etc.

Precaution & prevention…. is always definitely better than cure. Dress up soberly. Don’t lure lust.


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