Be aware of God’s wrath too – It has been made very clear to us already!

Beware Of God’s wrath too!

I hope you all are well aware of this aspect of the Divine!
Stick to purity and be humble. Tread on the path of truth and righteousness.

Sukshma roop dhari Siyahi dikhava
Vikat roop dhari lanka jarava

Demon king Ravana had everything going very fine for him….
He was very learned, a great devotee of Lord Shiva, a versatile genius, mighty powerful…
But an egoistic bloke who wanted to rule the world according to his own sweet will…
Whoever readily licks his feet, s/he will live happily and those who questioned him were tortured & killed!
He had begun to equate himself with God!
Thus this drama was constructed – where he and his entire fleet of superior warriors were defeated by Vanar sena (Monkey Army – who were definitely not as skilled as the soldiers & warriors fighting from  Ravana’s side!)
So folks, it would just take a fraction of a micro-millisecond for Almighty to finish this entire Milky way that we are a part of…Beware!
(PS. And please don’t ask dumb questions regarding what’s wrong and what’s right – it has been explicitly described in most religious scriptures – don’t be naive!)

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