Be thankful to your ancestors!

Be thankful to your earlier generations – what they have gone through themselves and what they have left for us…instead of cursing them and discussing things they could have done to avoid some mishap or calamity!

Were you there at that point of time? Had you any clue as to what kind of a lifestyle they had? What setbacks they had? What rules they had to follow? How they depended on the postman to communicate with someone just 50 miles away?

You basically depend of couple of authors and film directors and actors to awaken your emotions and senses – plus non-senses too (porn senses to be precise) ….they are gleefully enjoying their celebrity status by filling us up with bitter memories of our ancestors or even the present day activities!

Wake up and set right whatever you think is wrong. Do not discuss history. Scientists have not yet invented the Time-machine that you can mount on and visit the Time-period and set things right…..(ha what a lolish thought this is!)



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