Being a Libran – how come I remained single?

Being a Libran – how come I remained single?

Well folks, the sun sign Libra stands for marriage and here I am single…and not even ready to mingle! How come?
Since my childhood in fact I wanted to become a housewife…homemaker as they call nowadays – a lollipop handed over to wives as a promotion kinda designation – the duties and responsibilities remain the same though! Just that homemaker sounds more HS (high society, elite ..whatever)!

I remember looking at my mom waving at us from the veranda – clad in a dressing gown – one hand in her pocket – smiling at us…and we were going to school – wearing blazers…winters you know – when I could have done better by being under the quilt – but was shaken from my sleep – forced to brush, bathe and have breakfast, wear the uniform and walk to school – DPS, Mathura Road – it was a 7-10 mins walk actually and our domestic helpers used to escort us to school.

Ever since those nursery days I had quite firmly decided that I will become a homemaker – just pack my kids to school and then relax…but well you know folks – Man proposes, God disposes!

I grew up and joined college – Lady Brabourne College – a girls college! No boys around. It is said that college days are the days you find your soulmate…..well – in the sense that you are kind of ready for love to happen to you anytime – influence of films, romantic novels and stories of girls having boyfriends who pamper them and write letters to them and all the blah blah…so I guess if someone – even a wee bit suitable arrives – possibly you tend to give in – well maybe that is what peer pressure is all about!

College got over and I remained single….yeah – we did get to see guys during fests and all – but I was not really impressed! Maybe the reason was pretty simple – I had grown up watching suave, sophisticated, bati-cut, crisp, disciplined and smart men in uniform – being from the Army background and living in Army quarters and attending only Army parties, institutes, clubs etc. – my definition of ‘what men should be like’/ or ‘what men can be like?’ was already defined by the Army chaps! But in Kolkata the scenario was pretty different – or should I say the civilian chapter was not quite impressive?!

Well I honestly don’t want to insult the Bong men by any chance – they are good no doubt but well – let’s say – I did not meet any such good impressive man! Why? Because none matched my mental map of a dream partner! In fact Bengal is crazy for Uttam Kumar…but I failed to even like him – because I was already exposed to the good looks and personality of Gregory Peck and Amitabh Bachchan respectively and moreover I found Bong lead male actors to be rather sissy, egoistic, suspicious fools…easily falling prey to the snares of wicked wolves and acting all naïve and innocent – so effeminate!

Later I joined my parents in Ambala Cantt – my dad’s last posting ….and my turning point was waiting patiently for me – Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda! The rest you can read in my Love His-Story! My love which was more of logic…that became all tragic – thank God – lol!

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