Being Humane vs. Being Spiritual – Your Choice.

Being Humane vs. Being Spiritual

People confuse a lot between the two. There is a lot of difference between being humane and being spiritual. Lets see the difference…

Being Humane

  • Being aware of the needs of fellow humans.
  • Trying to help people according to one’s capacity.
  • Doing charity – supporting or running charity organisations.
  • Stressing on education and opening schools and reaching bare minimum amenities & facilities to every nook and corner of the nation
  • Increasing employment opportunities, maintaining and teaching the advantages of hygienic living conditions.
  • Volunteering to help humans in case of some natural catastrophe (flood, famine, tsunami) or some man made massacre (bomb blasts, terrorist attacks)

The above points are some examples of being humane.

Being Spiritual

  • Being aware of the needs of the soul
  • Practising meditation to connect to your own divine self
  • Presence of a True Spiritual Master is almost mandatory
  • Understanding your role in the big divine game running this Universe
  • Being at bliss, at peace with yourself and the world
  • Teaching others about the science of the soul
  • Solving the problems or issues of not just one but previous births as well
  • Being able to release the sad, stuck, unquenched souls to take a new birth and fulfil their life’s mission
  • Being able to forgive all and embrace all with higher love
  • Spreading the infectious and blissful divine love among fellow humans
  • Letting fellow humans know of their own divine powers and letting them get their self realization
  • Once self realization is achieved by the mass – their priorities will change spontaneously
  • All negative habits – lust, greed, jealousy, corruption, addiction, treachery etc. will drop off and people will genuinely love life and love the entire creation
  • With ‘Love for Creation’ as the base – humans will achieve that dream land that has been promised in almost all the religious scriptures – Happiness and Satisfaction for All. Sat Chit Anand.

It is up on you to decide – what suits you best – Being Human Or Being spiritual?

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