Dagwood’s upper-crust parents strongly disapprove of his marrying beneath his class, and disinherit him. The check Dagwood uses to pay for his honeymoon bounces, and the Bumsteads are forced to become a middle-class suburban family.


Blondie’s marriage marked the beginning of a change in her personality. From that point forward, she gradually assumed her position as the sensible head of the Bumstead household. And Dagwood, who previously had been cast in the role of straight man to Blondie’s comic antics, took over as the comic strip’s clown.


Its amusing to read about  their life style …but think if it was to happen to you….Dagwood would have cursed his wifey all his life for taking him away from his luxurious life!…In real life, such marriages don’t last any longer than 2-3 months….and if it does last – their life is full of miseries ….like birth of precocious confused children…..

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