Follywood Special – Bits & Pieces


  1. It has often been noticed that the Hero barges in the nick of time to save the heroin from being raped by the ugly ,dark, pot bellied villain but he seldom is able to save his own sister from getting raped !is it some kind of a psychology that Indian men have – to protect only those females whom they can eventually hump ? Fighting for sister will be a waste of time and energy !!
  2. The otherwise sleepy headed ,bored man – shown as Hero – needs a major shock in order to finish off the rogues – the best shock according to the Bollywood Directors is of course to hire some ugly looking Extra, make her his sister, focus on her being raped – screaming at the top of her voice and the clothes being torn one after the other for about 6-9 minutes, murdered and eventually be thrown in the ditch !!This and only this boils the blood of an Indian man ..nothing else !
  3. The Follywoodians (Bolly,Holly,Tolly etc.) probably never went to school …or never did come across a simple proverb which we read in class II – Practice what you Preach !
  4. In the snow covered hilly areas , the Hero is seen wearing full sleeved pull over, full pants, muffler ,sometimes even monkey cap…but the Heroin wears just a chiffon saree with a bra (not even blouse) or a tiny skirt – are they trying to show that Indian women are too hot inside and ever ready batteries ..that they are so considerate so as to not waste the Hero’s time in taking off her winter wear one after the other – simply dive for her the mountains and valleys !?
  5. On reading the above some Directors will ask the Media ‘what does she want – we should make the Hero wear just a brief and gum boots and make him stand in the snow?’.
  6. I really pity the yesteryear Lead actresses – the way they sit and watch some Mega Function Night – where they see their own skimpy clad daughters and even grand daughters and watch them being ogled at by their contemporaries!! The same contemporaries who had once sung songs of love and admiration for them !!
  7. How could the heroines of yesteryear be convinced to make her daughter wear a yesteryear vamp’s attire and dance in front of 70 plus slimy old pigs !?
  8. Don’t the Directors , Producers, Lyricists & Musicians have copy rights over the beautiful songs of yesteryear!? How come any drain worm is making a video remix out of olden golden songs and making it belong to their drain category?
  9. Nowadays I am afraid to even hum a beautiful song from yesteryear – for I do not know how has it been mauled by the remixed drain worms and what would people around think of me if a hum that song !!
  10. Morning shows the day folks !The best example is to see how the sons and daughters of a yesteryear Actors and actresses behave, live, lead a life ! Most derogatory !!
  11. I have grown up with movies of 60’s,70’s,80’s and early 90’s. Maybe that is why I still have my head on my shoulders…..but the ones born in late 80’s and early 90’s have got only ‘sex’ on their heads it seems !!They hardly have any sense of self respect nor do they know how to respect others. Not their fault really – they have grown up in most contradictory state of affairs.

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