Case Dismissed- On Marital Rape – A Short Story

Case Dismissed- On Marital Rape

Ankita Irani was an ace Advocate. She was known for her truthful, straightforward and blunt replies. It was taken for granted that if she takes up a case – she will Win ! Although an eye sore to the Criminal World but the awe that she carried was too much to defy. She had one motto though – Fight for the truth and only the truth.

Her secretary, Susmita, a Junior Trainee Advocate, came to her with a request….and she was very sure that Ankita Madam will keep her request. It was a case of ‘Marital Rape’, and Susmita had seen her Madam take up cases of the underdog and how she left no stone unturned to get them justice and ….she always won.

“Madam , I have a very interesting case in hand…the person is actually a distant relative of mine – and it’s a case of Woman’s exploitation….” said Susmita.

“Is it ..Woman’s exploitation huh? So you know it already that it’s a case…& you have given it a name as well” said Ankita jokingly.

“No no madam, actually it’s a case of Marital Rape…she is a distant cousin of mine actually….its a sad case….”replied Susmita.

“How distant?” asked Ankita.

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“Well a lot ..I have hardly met her ..but she happens to be related from my Mother’s side.” said Susmita.

“And what is her complaint?” asked Ankita.

“Marital rape….I mean her husband forces her to have sex daily with him….”said Susmita reluctantly.

“So?! Your cousin wants to have sex every fortnightly …or Monthly ..or yearly…how does she like to chalk out her sex-routine?” asked Ankita.

Susmita was totally taken aback by the nonchalant attitude of Ankita Madam. She thought that this case would excite Madam a lot and she would jump to take up the case ..but the scenario was totally different !

“No..madam…actually…I hardly know her..”Susmita said.

“Is she educated ?” asked Ankita.

“Oh! Of course Madam – she has done History Hons from one of Kolkata’s most prestigious colleges – she got a higher 2nd Division.” replied Susmita.

“Hmm…so she is educated and she has been to a Metropolitan city for higher studies – which also means that she is amply exposed to City life – right?

“Ofcourse madam , she lives near Dumdum – which is now included under Kolkata”.

“So..has she told you her preferred sex-routine?” asked madam.

“No madam – I have not personally met her…just thinking if you would take the case, I’ll bring her to is no problem madam – her father is a very rich Contractor.” replied Susmita.

“Then whats her problem?! Let her divorce that bloke and live happily ever after – her father has the money – let him help her start afresh – let her do some Professional Course or maybe B.Ed. and be independent ….and I was thinking that she belongs to some poor family whose parents have wed her off somehow – and now living hand to mouth…”

“Oh! No no Madam- they are very rich in fact – gave some kilos of gold in dowry as we hear – her Uncle is a Goldsmith and they have 3 big shops in barra bazaar.”

“So basically the victim of marital rape – is an educated Lady ,bred in metropolitan city, belongs to a rich family – right?”

“Yeah…madam..but you know the divorce is not possible – they are orthodox family – such things are a taboo in the society…”said Susmita.

“Well ,in that case, ask her to be like a door-mat and live sadly ever after with her husband…why ? she should thank her lucky stars that her husband is not going to some brothel or not going to watch some dance-balas in night club – he is seeking love from his legally wedded wife damn it !!…and what does her family expect the Indian Penal court to do ?! chalk out a sex-chart for her and hand it over to her husband I suppose ?”

“Well madam.. rumors are such that he ..her husband I mean.. is not all that loyal – he is having an affair with some neighborhood lady – someone’s wife – during morning hours, he spends time with her while her husband is in office” said Susmita.

“Morning hours he is spending time with a married desperate housewife! bravo! and when does he go to office may I know?” asked Madam.

“He is a businessman …just delegates the duties and then heads for that Lady’s house!”

“So?! The parents of the educated History honors girl did not find out about the future son-in-law.. and what about his own parents ? they don’t stop him from visiting that lady?

“I suppose they thought that after marriage he would be alright.. so the wedding took place in a haste….”

“Why?! Were they under the impression that Calcutta University Professors are teaching tantra-mantra to their History honors students that they thought she will heal their son with her magic touch?”

“Actually madam – she is averse to sex – she has more of a philosophical bent of mind..she writes poetry as well”

“And what is his education level? is he a graduate?”

“I don’t think so Madam.. he barely managed to pass Higher Secondary”

“Oh! Well, so this is where the problem lies – a total mismatch – a case of dumb parents wedding off their equally dumb daughter to some dumber and ‘lesser educated than her’ idiot !..and being exposed to films, movies and even blue movies which are easily available nowadays – what did she expect of marriage – her husband will read out stanzas from some Holy epic? Firstly, her parents should have found out the character and whereabouts of the fellow, then matched the education qualifications…did they meet ..or how long did they have a courtship period?” asked Madam.

“Courtship?! Oh! No madam – such things are not allowed in such families! They met only twice before marriage and that too with other family members around !”

“Oh! so such families are not ashamed to talk about their daughter’s sex life in public knowing very well what a joke they would be in the society eventually! Courtship does not mean ‘jumping on bed’ – its meeting and exchanging viewpoints ,likes and dislikes- if such a thing had happened then this girl would have known that he is not her sort and would have refused him and looked for someone with a philosophical bent of mind – there is no dearth of such men in Kolkata at least !”said Madam.

“No Madam..her age was also increasing she was already 25 and they were looking for a suitable groom for long”.

“And they found their suitable groom in a sex starved poodle – so very good then – why complain? I am sorry Susmita – this is a case of an educated , well to do family girl, bred in a metropolitan city who was unfortunately born in a family which is still holding on to age-old ideas about women and her marriageable age ,who did not do a proper homework while selecting their son-in-law and gave away their daughter in a haste as if she was some muck born accidentally to them…. Probably its because of their attitude towards girl-child that God gave them this punishment that they will now have to run from post to pillar for getting justice for their daughter !!…and just imagine the nature of the case – the most shameful and tabooed of all topics in India – Sex Life!…Sorry Susmita – from my side I dismiss this case !


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