Casting couch doesn’t just happen in the Film Industry – Beware!

Casting couch doesn’t just happen in the Film Industry – Beware!

What is casting couch syndrome?

The casting couchcasting-couch syndrome or casting-couch mentality is the trading of sexual favors by an aspirant, apprentice employee or subordinate to a superior in return for entry into an occupation, or for other career advancement within an organization.


So folks, let me relate an incident to you where you will know that casting couch is not just associated with the glamour world – though they are most infamous because of this syndrome!

It so happened that one of my colleagues got a call from her friend and she sounded very happy and enthusiastic! I heard my colleague congratulate her and even asked for the treat date!

She then told us that one of her friends who had done MBA with her had got a job and was offered Rs.18,000/- as starting! We all were pretty surprised to hear that! In a place like Kolkata freshers from local MBA Institutes get around 7k to 8k as starting salary – unless it is a very big MNC.

The very next day or so – my colleague got a call and she sounded pretty disturbed. She was exclaiming things like – What! OMG! ……And we were wondering what might have happened!

She then told us that the her friend who had got the offer of a thick pay pack as starting salary was scurrying away from the same company!! And when we heard exactly why she was leaving the company in a haste – we too got a shock of our lives!

On the very first day the girl was taken to the 2nd floor of the office which was introduced to her as a rest-room kind of place where people can have lunch etc. She was surprised to see small cubicles with couches and she wondered what was the need of so many couches – definitely employees do not report to the office to sleep – so why on earth have couches – and so many of them!?

During lunch time she was asked to go up and have lunch but then by listening intently to couple of female colleagues she realized that the aged BEEPS – senior managers etc. were keen to have sex with the females who worked there!

Without delay she picked up her bags saying she had some urgent work that needs to be done during lunch time and ran from the office – never to return!

So folks, just imagine this – there are offices where such depraved practices are going on so fearlessly! And honestly I am more surprised at the females who were actually readily sleeping with the Beeps!? For money? For promotion? Yuk!! Where do these girls belong…who readily agree to sleep with some senior officer or colleague!? I think it is plain Greed and Shamelessness that makes a female agree to fall to such depths!

Why greed and not poverty – one may ask this question.

Well here is another incident then – a girl used to come to my house for yoga and massage. She told me that there are such institutions as well where girls are asked to massage men also!! I asked her how did she know of it. She then told me that couple of girls attending to that massage parlour had suddenly started wearing expensive dresses and spending money like water. Since the rate is the same for massage – how come they could afford such expensive stuff. Then later she found out that girls were asked to even go to houses to service male clients!! So what was happening here!? A prostitution den had gotten created after all. And whose responsibility was it to close it down? Guess … no – not the cops – they get paid a very high amount every month from such Institutes so they seldom interfere in their affairs. Also no one complains – so on what basis will they arrest them!? The girls are ‘consenting adults’ after all – huh! The only people who suffer from such episodes are the poor sex workers! They are waiting for clients – in this era of recession – and lo behold! the clients are getting ‘grub’ delivered to their homes!

Anyways, I have diverted from the topic! So folks, the film industry gets away with anything and everything – bad, worse or ugly – why!? Because casting couch is the mantra of this era! The more scandalous the film world is, the more people are encouraged to indulge in depraved lifestyles – because after all the Government has given its stamp on entertainment….and what is life without entertainment – especially cheap/ depraved and immoral entertainment!?



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