Chup chup ke – Hindi film review by Aumaparna

Chup chup ke

Story line-
The hero is in love with Girl A. He meets her ‘chup-chup ke’ – hidingly….because the money lenders are after his life.
The hero is under heavy debts, he drowns and is picked up by a poor boat owner – who uses his boat for fishing. Anyway – the hero lands up in the house of a rich man. The rich family keeps the hero as their servant and since he was somewhat deaf and mute (but actually he was fine – just pretending to be deaf and mute so that he does not have to go back to his own locality where the money lenders will all jump on him!)they gave him small odd jobs to perform.

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In the same rich and affluent family, there is a girl (played by sex-siren Kareena – who was actually just mute not deaf). So her cousin finds that a new domestic male helper has joined who is also mute! The love story starts! Wow! What an idea sirji!! Whoever has written this utter crap story!
Ok there is a twist in the tale too – no rich and affluent male was ready to marry Kareena because of her handicap! So all the family members were looking for a suitable groom …and were unable to find one! Like….. Are you kidding me!? Such a rich female beautiful and fair too – who will get a huge dowry with her – Indian families with sons will fall at her feet and lick it for the rest of their lives! There are many such educated but not very well off families in India who would do anything for getting a bride from a rich family…watch Saavdhan India episodes if you have doubts!
Anyways, she falls in love with the guy who was hired as a domestic helper in the family.

Later the beans got spilled and the Girl A – with whom the hero was actually in love comes to know that he was alive. When she confronts him, it was already too late – he had accepted rich and mute kareena – who was obviously much prettier than the Girl A..and was about to marry her! I mean why wouldn’t he – he would be able to live happily ever after as a rich man and will even get rid of the money lenders!

Girl A was dropped as a dead fly from the milk!
End of story
I have often heard that there are families –rich and affluent – having huge palatial houses…make the servants render sexual services too!
Like fatso wives…whose equally ugly and fatso husbands pick-up (call) girls from the streets for a ‘quicky’ – or even visit brothels or – if a wee bit more rich – then they book a hotel room and sleep with the females engaged in escort services.
Probably this is the reason why kareena’s cousin introduces her to the newly acquired domestic helper…at least she could taste…love..making?…since no one was marrying her?
Btw. The fact that the females of the house sleep with the servants, drivers, gatekeepers..etc. is known to the males of the family – it is a ‘you are ok, i am ok’ relationship – the males ‘eff’ around outside the females ‘eff’ around inside…since they are cultured and ethical and traditional – they eff indoors and not hire gigolos!
Problem happens when dull headed males watch such films – if they reach some such house- as domestic helpers – where females are sleeping around and game…then things are under control…but if such dumb fools reach a decent, righteous household and try to act fresh (the film after all showed the possibility of the daughter marrying the helper…so such concepts raise expectations as well huh)- then hell breaks loose!…the helper gets beaten by the men of the family first and then by the cops –and ultimately he gets the criminal label for the rest of his life!

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