Cocktail – 2012 Indian Film

Cocktail – 2012 Indian Film

Means – Cocktale – Tale of a cock

Main Characters – 3 in number

I.He is the male who is a womaniser.

Likes to party – booze, dance, flirt.

Name in film – Gutlu (gautam)


II. She is a maniser*.

*Female who readily agrees to sleep with any male who catches her fancy – opposite of womaniser.

She likes to booze, party and even perform strip-tease if she so desires – not for money – just for fun.

Name in film – Veronica


III. She is ordinary – duped by a wicked male.

She maintains a decent decorum – does not believe in diving on bed with just anyone.

Tries to maintain chastity in spite of an ass*ole of a husband.

Name in film –Meera.


 Story Line – Cocktail

So in the film Gutlu, the flamboyant womaniser, falls in love with Meera and suddenly becomes all goody-goody..maybe because Meera did not agree to sleep with him so she became kinda enigma for him and he started to yearn for her only! Veronica, the happy-go-lucky whore – who slept around with men just for fun and not for money (like for example she had 8 siblings who she had to feed plus ailing parents …so she had to become a prostitute….nothing of that sort…no mushy-sob story here) falls in love with Gutlu!

She (Veronica) found Gutlu to be an ideal match for her (which he was actually) simply because he was a womaniser and she was a maniser! Both had their priorities very clear in life – that anyone can meet a better looking sex-partner anytime in life so no one should expect chastity and loyalty from the other one! Both were free to ‘happily hump’ anyone who caught their fancy anytime!

Whereas Meera was the kinds who was totally loyal to a man with whom her marriage did not even consummate! Her husband had fled to London immediately after marriage as he never wanted a typical ganwar (uncouth) Indian wife.

So Meera’s character was very new to Gutlu! Usually it took him a fraction of a millisecond to take a female to bed…but Meera did not show any interest whatsoever to mingle with him! Both Veronica and Gutlu used to sleep together in the same apartment where all three of them lived.

Anyways – a twist came in the tale – here is where the cock tale begins!

Gutlu happens to smooch Meera. Being a pro in kissing available whores, Gutlu probably did a good job which totally shook up Meera! That was probably her first kiss in life. Had her husband kissed her on time – maybe this twist in the tail of Veronica had not come at all! Now Meera was in love with Gutlu and Veronica was in lust with Gutlu. Gutlu chose love over lust!

Veronica tried to appear all lovey-dovey for Gutlu – she started copying Meera in her ways and mannerisms but it was too late! Veronica realises that Gutlu did not want to sleep around anymore! He was not responding to her ‘mating calls or nuances’.

In the end, Gutlu marries Meera.

Will Veronica also find someone like Gutlu – an ex-womaniser turned loyal for limited time? (oh yes – once such people bed the ‘enigma’ they re-start their flirtatious nature again! Sex is a highly addictive drug for humans- they cannot get over it easily…and it is said ‘once a womaniser (or maniser) always a womaniser – maybe 1 in a million change under some catastrophic circumstance – like maybe meeting with some accident and becoming paralysed below abdomen(like what happened to Hritik in Guzarish – euthanasia….or suffering from erectile dysfunction).

Will Meera live happily ever after with Gutlu…or keep doubting that he is sleeping around – even when he is genuinely stuck in some traffic jam on his way back from office.

Will Gutlu live happily ever after with Meera…or he will find some sexy siren in the office he works in…and will take her to bed….

All this remains a mystery!

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