Comparitive Analysis – Aaina vs. Laga Chunari Main Daag

Aaina – release year 1977

Aaina – remake – Laga Chunari Man Daag (LCMD) – release year 2007

30 years later, Bollywood made the same theme because they failed to drive in the message in the think-brains of we, the Indians – way back in 1977!


So in LCMD- Rani (who eventually becomes a prostitute in the film) is the daughter of a retired Professor (Anupam Kher) who is not getting his pension and is shown running from pillar to post to get it. Jaya (playing Ran’s mother) is somehow managing to run the household by sewing blouses & petticoats. Financial crunch drives Rani to the big city where she becomes a high class Prostitute – having the designation of ‘Escort’ because in big-big corporate sectors, the senior officials cannot ask like ‘get me a prostitute for the night’ …..etiquette does not allow – so a new name ‘Escort’ has been given to such sex-workers. They obviously get paid higher than the red light area sex-workers….yea – this is a kind of injustice – absolutely the same work but payment is vastly different!

So in this world, in 2007, where unemployment is rampant, Rani starts living in a plush house in Mumbai plus starts sending money to not just feed the family but also renovate the dilapidated building they lived in! People from her village (her cousin in fact) comes to know that she was actually a sex-worker and even starts blackmailing her!

She then meets a filthy rich handsome hunk who starts dating her and then even marries her because rich males – mostly f**k around all kinds of females – but in Rani – he could see the subservient, submissive qualities as well (along with promising sex-postures that escorts are supposedly experts at) – after all she was from a small town and decides to marry her after all. His brother marries Rani’s younger sister – who was an MBA (not an escort because she was educated…..I think this is the reason why Indian females are kept uneducated – coz if they all become literate and independent..who would do the job of sex-worker?..this is an inherent fear that sleazy debauch males have and thus do their level best to promote whoredom among women and keep it alive forever!)


Take Home for commoners (thick brained esp.) after watching LCMD:

  • That a female can be a sex-worker – either out of choice or by force – whatever – because eventually they will find some rich & handsome idiot to marry – so why not enjoy with as many males as possible?
  • When males are allowed to happily hump around females – why shouldn’t females do the same? Why on earth should they maintain their chastity or virginity – when some debauch, amply humped demon will ultimately marry them? A demon only deserves a witch. Ravana needs to marry Mandodari. So there.
  • Some males seem hardly bothered about concepts like chastity or virginity (so it seems in the film) – the fact that Abhishek (Rani’s hubby in the film) happily agreed to marry the escort – knowing very well that later, when he attends the corporate meetings etc., the BEEPS will smile and even wink at his wife…reminding her of the ‘nude’ times they had together!!(you see Abishek happened to meet Rani in one of the corporate meetings…means that he will be meeting the same officers or executives – for whom Rani was present……like to entertain them on bed!


Difference between Aaina 1977 and LCMD 2007 –

Not much really. Parents are dumb enough to not understand the source of money. Both the times the prostitutes got married and lived happily ever after.

Indians (maximum) went to see the conical blouse & open cleavage of Mumtaz and Rani respectively.

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