Comparitive Analysis – DDLJ and Dilwale

Comparitive Analysis – DDLJ and Dilwale

DDLJ: Story of the 1990’s when we (me and my contemporaries – all 40 plus now) were in our twenties and had a rosy image of love, life and afterlife! You know the ‘undekha-unjana-pagla-deewana’ kind of male who will come galloping on the horse and woo us away – wow!! So keeping this mind set of ours on mind, the then producer-director made a film to keep us happy…and gay!

Dilwale – Now we (me and my contemporaries – all 40 plus now) have all grown old and we have all been hit hard by reality and fallen thud on the ground. Also the flavour of the era is terrorism, blood-shed and bomb blasts! Thus now the hero is no soccer player gallivanting around merrily but an filthy rich underworld don ( an adopted son of a don) and the heroine is the daughter of another don! Both the father dons are enemies! But their children fall in love…pseudo-love actually- followed by true love – so true a love…that both remain single…till they meet again after 15 years – but before 15 years, they never meet…nor mate…with anyone else! No kissing, no touching – no getting wet in the rains – no nothing!

After 15 years, they also show the current generation kids – the guys going berserk because of malls and cinema halls…and the dating expenses! Of men becoming petty thieves and justifying it too – they have to pay for their girlfriend’s expenses after all…so everything is forgiven in lust and romance! It has been mentioned here in the film that during 1980’s or 90’s having a girl friend was a cheap affair – just a Re.3 cup of tea and a big rock to recline… all just the same – but all this is mighty expensive now…maybe the reason why we are having more gays and lesbians!

The oldies meet after 15 years and decide to marry! The youngies also get married. Happy ending!


Conclusion – Don’t lose heart …love happens after 50 too!

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