Conception of a new soul – The actual procedure.

Conception of a new soul – The actual procedure.

” A soul is thus born again and again. In the mother’s womb the sperm, formed by the Mahasaraswati power and containing the soul (consisting of the five elements less the earth), and the spirit enter into the ova (formed by the Mahakali power), which is the earth element, and an embryo is formed.


When the embryo fixes itself to the wall of the uterus, the Kundalini enters through the fontanel bone (Brahmarandhra) at the top of the skull. The foetus now starts growing. Actually it is the entry of the Kundalini that fixes the foetus to the uterine wall.

In ordinary language, we can call the soul, spirit. The spirit properly so-called, the Atma, is actually dormant, and only manifests its light after Self-Realization has occured.
When Self-realized souls die, their Kundalini stays in the soul, as the spirit (Atma) becomes one with the Kundalini. Even in this category, though, there are three or four distinctly different types of souls who take their birth according to their achievements and advancement.

Realised souls are able to see the Kundalini as twisted, coiled identities in the atmosphere. They can also see good and bad souls as round bodies, their colours expressing their quality.

They do not see the body of the souls, but possessed people can see such bodies as they belong to the subconscious strata themselves.”
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – The Book of Adi Shakti – Incarnations

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