Shri Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Son of Shri Krishna and he placed him at a position even higher than his own position, on the Agnya Chakra. Thus Shri Jesus is known as Maha Vishnu also. The story of the creation of Shri Christ (much before he came into this world ) is described in the Devi Bhagwat. Here is an extract from the Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, on the birth of Maha Vishnu.

“Narayana said, ‘Oh Devarsi! The egg, born of Mula Prakriti, that was floating in the waters for a period equal to the life of Brahma, in the fullness of time separated into two parts. Within that egg there was a powerful child, lustrous like one thousand millions of suns. This child could not suck His mother’s milk because it was forsaken by Her. So being tired of hunger, the child for a moment cried repeatedly. The child, that will become the Lord of countless Brahmandas (universes), now an orphan, having no father or mother, began to look upwards from the waters. This boy came to be denominated afterwards by the name of Maha Virat…..

The power of this Maha Virat (is) one sixteenth that of Lord Krishna, the Highest Self. But this boy, (born of the Prakriti-Radha) is the sole stay of this entire universe, and He is denominated by the name Maha Vishnu. In His every pore countless universes are existing…. So there are endless Brahmas, Vishnus and Maheshvaras. In every Brahmanda (universe) there is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha….
Now the Virat Purusha began to look up to the skies again but He could not see anything within that egg except the void. Then distressed with hunger He cried out repeatedly and became merged in anxiety. (The) next moment, getting back His consciousness, He began to think of Krishna, the Highest Person, and saw there at once the eternal light of Brahma……
Looking at the Lord, His father, the boy became glad and smiled. The Lord, the bestower of boons, granted Him boons appropriate for that moment.
‘Oh child! Let You possess knowledge like Me; let Your hunger and thirst vanish; let You be the holder of innumerable Brahmandas (universes) until the time of pralaya (the universal dissolution). Be without any selfishness, be fearless and the bestower of boons to all.

Let not old age, disease, sorrow nor any other ailing afflicts Thee…..’
Shri Krishna arranged for His food thus: in every universe, whatever offerings will be given to Shri Krishna, one sixteenth will go to Narayana, the Lord of the universe, and fifteen sixteenths will go to this boy, the Virat. Shri Krishna did not allot any share for Himself……


(Then Shri Krishna said): ‘Oh child, say what more You desire. I will give You that instantly.’
The Virat boy, hearing thus the words of Shri Krishna, spoke thus: ‘Oh Thou omnipresent! I have got no desires whatsoever, save that as long as I live, whether for a short time or long time, let Me have pure bhakti to Your Lotus Feet.….’
Shri Krishna then spoke in sweet words: ‘Oh child, let You remain as fresh as ever, like Me. You will not have any fall, even if innumerable Brahmas pass away.
‘Let You divide yourself in parts and turn into a smaller Virata in ever universe. Brahma will spring from Your navel and will create the cosmos. From the forehead of that Brahma will spring eleven Rudras for the destruction of creation, but they will all be parts of Shiva…..Besides, from each of Your sub-divisions the Vishnu will originate and that Bhagavan Vishnu will be the preserver of this world. Under My favour You will always be full of bhakti (devotion) towards Me, and no sooner You meditate upon Me, You will be able to see My lovely form…. And Your Mother, Who resides in My breast, will not be difficult for You to see.”


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