Curing an imbalance or ‘catch’ through Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Curing an imbalance or ‘catch’ through Sahaja Yoga Meditation

What are the first symptoms at the physical level when you practice Sahaja Meditation?

Physically, you may at first feel some heat or tingling in your fingers or in your body. This indicates in a very precise way which chakras are blocked.

This can be cleared in various ways:

  • with a bandhan to the finger that is tingling;
  • by taking the affirmation or mantra of the specific chakra;
  • or by placing the hand on the corresponding place in the body (for example, on the forehead for right Agnya chakra). The right hand is used for bandhan or giving vibrations. After some time, the heat or tingling will be replaced by coolness, which indicates that the vibrations are now flowing without obstruction or catch.

The Subtle System has three channels and seven chakras that are located along the spine. We can learn how to discover imbalances and ‘catches’ in our subtle system and cure them through giving vibrations.


Here is a quick ‘Catch’ decoding chart:



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