Dhanak Review – Simplicity can singlehandedly destroy all complexities!

Dhanak Review – Simplicity can singlehandedly destroy all complexities!

Dhanak is a film that shows that if a person is simple hearted with sheer faith in goodness….then good is bound to happen to such people! All hardships are auto-removed from the path of such people. And yes, these are the people who believe in the miracles of God…and God too is only too ready to fulfil their little, simple desires through HIS various angels!

It is a story about a blind brother and his elder sister whose parents die in some mishap and they are taken care of by their uncle. Their aunt is not very kind to them and somehow feeds them reluctantly just so that they don’t go hungry. It was because of her stingy behaviour towards the orphaned children that the boy lost his eyesight … due to malnutrition. Their uncle loves them and is the only person who takes care of them.

Both brother and sister are movie buffs and while going to school they tell each other stories of films of their favourite actors!


One day the sister stumbles across a poster where SRK is promising free eyesight operation for the under-privileged children. With an innocent heart, the sister writes a letter to SRK requesting him to fund her need to bring back her brother’s lost eyesight!

Circumstances are such that SRK was to visit a location in their state (Rajasthan) and she decides to take her brother to him and ask for help directly!

She escapes with her brother in the middle of the night and walks towards her destination! Fortunately they both get lifts from ‘good’ truck drivers and others who were going towards Jaisalmer!

Yes, there were cheats and thugs who try to harm the children…to sell them and make money  – but they were saved miraculously! In fact they don’t even come to know of any impending danger – they just trot away with confidence in God …and their luck…and of course their favourite actor!

In the end, their uncle finds them in Jaisalmer and the boys reaches the hospital and gets his eyesight back! It is shown that SRK had received the letter and he had taken care of the child’s desire!

All’s well that ends well!


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