Respect The Divine Elements

Respect The Divine Elements

I am talking about the 5 elements

Yea – you guessed it right
Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

Mother Earth is so loving and caring
She nourishes equally – the mango tree
and the cactus too!
She does not judge your attributes
She accepts you the way you are
Ever loving, caring & gentle….
But when there is imbalance
She is the one who shakes up in disgust
to cause Earthquakes…even Volcanoes

Saluting the Jal Devta – Water Element!
Life force – we thrive on water
Cleansing, quenching everyone – exactly the same way
Its not like water quenches the thirst of a rich man more
And does not quench the thirst of a poor man at all!
But can take the form of Tsunami – devour everything
in a matter of micro-mili-seconds!

Pranaam To Agni Dev – Fire Element
Gives us heat & light energy
Cooks food ..Benevolent , nourishing, soothing
Unless of course used wrongly….or angered at sheer idiocy
He burns down a fraction of a mili-second

Obeisance to Vayu Dev – Air Element
We breath, so we live!
We live because we breath – Period.
Tempests & tornadoes are caused by the same life giving element!

Namaste to Akash Dev – Ether Element!
Thank you for the space
The space out of which all material objects spring forth.
Any further description is not possible –
too vast for us to comprehend!

So why am I telling about the 5 divine elements?
For all of us to realize that each one of us
Are made of these 5 elements…
Exploiting, disrespecting an individual
or group of people….calls for destruction…
The same benevolent qualities – turn in destructive forces
For we all have those elements working within us!

So folks, this is the minimum we must de
Respect all….irrespective of –
caste, creed, colour, region, religion…
We all are made of the same divine elements

Purge Ignorance.
Make way for Wisdom!
Respect others, Respect Yourself.
Be respectable.
Love will follow.


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