DOMESTIC HELPERS TO GET Rs.9000 Pm – The repercussion!



In India (at least in Kolkata), Data Entry operators get 2,500/-, Teachers in pvt. schools get 3,000/-, Receptionist, Personal Assistants, Admin officers, Accountant get between 4,500 to 10,000/- – They are all holding minimum education certificates – at least graduates i.e. or else they will not get the job. Plus we have so many unemployed youths, middle aged people living with utter frustration & depression ! Sales men and women go about in the sun selling plastic utensils to soaps, detergents to sarees and bedcovers barely manage to earn 4000/- to 10,00/- (if not less) per month.

Compared to all the above, at least the domestic helpers are much better off! They get around 2,500/- plus food, clothing, comfort ( electricity, entertainment etc.). The remote villages they come from to work in towns have pathetic conditions..where people barely get food! For example I have heard that about around 60km away from Kolkata, there are humans who survive on ant eggs and grass – they boil it and have that as meal. Women and men barely have clothes to cover themselves up (in fact we send all our old clothes through our domestic helper to her village so that at least some women can cover themselves up decently!

Anyway, if such a thing becomes mandatory then let me assure you, very soon many women will lose their jobs and will have to go back to their villages to exist hand to mouth. Because they now have a taste of the city life and comfort, they will hate to go back to hell!

So who will ultimately benefit from unemployment of several women….? Need I say more?


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