Dream of Shri Krishna – Kurukshetra @1992

Dream of Shri Krishna – Kurukshetra @1992

I have always been a devotee of Gods – and after a miraculous posting of my Dad in Mathura, Shri Krishna and Shri Vishnu made their way into our homes..and later into our hearts! We basically worshipped Shri Shiva (Tarakeshwar) and Maa Kali. But you know…when you mix with people and listen to miracles of Lord Krishna, you get enamoured and thus images of them were added to our altar.

Anyway, this was during my dad’s last posting to Ambala cantt Military Hospital.  Ambala is very near Kurukshetra – the war ground of Pandavs and Kauravas where the Holy Geeta was generated. As it happens mostly in the Army, your relatives start dropping in to visit the places of interest nearby so we often went to Kurukshetra. One of my elderly relatives was collecting stones so I asked her what on earth was she doing!

Why, I am taking home the divine souvenir..Lord Krishna must have placed his feet on this soil! Well folks, I was fresh out of college and having done Zoology Hons – plus with an argumentative Libran mind – I started telling her various ages of evolution stone age, iron age, bronze age..basically trying to tell her that all this is mythology…nothing ever happened! Though I myself worshipped and believed in God but at that moment I simply had to convince her of my practical intelligence and knowledge I guess!! Of course she did not pay any heed to my blabbering and continued collecting stones!

That night I had this dream – Shri Krishna – very tall  – wearing a rich silk burgundy colored dhoti and most probably a golden yellow silk shawl held me by my wrist ( I was wearing my usual attire a blue coloured frock that I usually wore at home)and took me around the same dilapidated war ground we had visited in the morning…and he was taking me to the same small broken room structures and telling me ‘ You have forgotten this you mean?…come here – this one – you don’t remember this?’ – like this he was taking me around and was trying to remind me things!!

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