Ei sundor swarnali sandhay…invited a lot of turbulence in HER life!

Bengali Film: Hospital | 1960 – A review

Famous song- Ei sundor swarnali sandhay

So these two doctors – Saibal & Sarbari – yea both educated enough to understand family planning and using condoms etc. – dive on bed …for sex of course – rather unsafe sex and lo behold….she becomes pregnant!

Saibal asks her to abort because immediately after 8 months, if she delivers a child, people will know of her ‘before wedlock’ episode..and might even doubt whether the baby belongs to Saibal (no DNA test at that point of time folks- 1960….and even if DNA test was there…do you think anyone would approach the Press and in some corner…like ‘ Fatherhood Confirmed Column’ would some man advertise that ‘Yipee! My wife has given birth to my child – time for celebration!!’

Anyway – after a single ‘Eff’ session – she becomes pregnant, she is ousted by her sex (love?) partner, she is thrown out by her father – who was poor but was strictly principled…could not accept the fact that his daughter was so sex-starved that she jumped on the hay before wedlock , she then lives alone in some remote Coalfields Hospital, single-handedly brings up her son, acquires lung cancer…was about to kick the bucket when the Director took pity and let her meet Saibal!! Phew! Such torturous life because of a single episode of ‘unsafe sex’!!

Conclusion – This song is a favourite among bongs – but I hope they are simultaneously teaching their children that they better have the Swarnali Sondhya after wedlock with husband and not bandhoo….and invite a life full of turbulence!


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