FAQ’s On Kundalini Shakti Awakening

FAQ’s On Kundalini Shakti Awakening

Often while interacting with bit elderly people –esp. those who are well read and very knowledgeable too – I often find myself struggling to make them understand the ease with with Kundalini Shakti awakens and rises among Sahaja Yoga Practitioners!

Most of those well-read individuals – both men and women – start narrating like a rattu-tota (trained-parrot) that Kundalini Shakti awakening is most difficult, most dangerous, very slow, may take more than 100 lives – not years but lives – to awaken etc. !

Here I would like to cite an example and then ask a question to the same intellectuals :
Remember the days of snail-mail we, the people had? Like we all depended on the Postal service to bring us some good/bad/ugly news..and we waited for days, even weeks for a letter! But those days are gone now…..even the poverty stricken citizens of India have smart phones to surf the internet, chat with friends, keep I touch with just anyone and watch things available for all to view!
Now when scientists can bring about such a radical change in our lives – i.e. made the messaging system so damn easy – what makes to think that the ‘spiritual aspirants/ seekers/ followers/ devotees/’ or spiritually enlightened realized souls  will not be able to come up with divine powers to awaken the Kundalini Shakti and make it easily available for the common mass?

What makes you think that only the scientists are working for the progress of the world and the spiritualists are just sitting pretty doing nothing?

And by the way – yes, it is true that it may take many lifetimes to even come to know of the existence of this dormant divine energy within all of us – but what makes you think that you have already not lived those 100 lives and prepared yourself to receive this divine blessing in this life?

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