Film – No Entry – Treating Shamelessness with kid gloves!

Film: No entry

Character name – Bobby (Bipasha Basu)

Profession – Escort Services (Call Girl)

Brain wash for Indian Audience

Bobby became a call girl so that she could treat her paralysed husband who needed Rs.30,000/- per day!



SO in this film, the males are trying to show an example of a very sacrificing female – whose husband is hospital-bed-ridden that needs Rs. 30,000/- per day – i.e. the hospital authorities will throw her husband out if she does not give them the said amount per day!

And we, the people, are screaming ‘Poverty’!

In India, some males are so filthy rich that they can hire the services of a call girl by paying her Rs.30,000/- per day!!

They are the same males who probably do not give bonus or extra working hours money to the factory workers or employees.

These are the same males who happily ‘hump’ around females of any age groups and call themselves ‘consenting adults’!

All the miserliness of such depraved, whore monger males come in front when they have to pay those employees who work day and night for the sleazy pigs!


These are the same males whose wives also sleep around with gatekeepers, drivers, gym instructors, gigolos….after all they have to take revenge – their husbands are sleeping around so they want to get even.

The daughters and sisters of such males of course grow up to become ‘consenting adult’ females who sleep around with anyone who catches their fancy – DNA extensions of debauch males after all!

Such factors are rarely hidden from the commoner – thus the slogging workers also turn into corrupt thieves forcing the commoners (customers/ consumers) to give bribes etc. and indulge in swindling company assets. You see, if the Boss (maalik) is corrupt/ debauch, why should those reporting to him be honest in their dealings?

As a result, slowly and gradually only the vile creatures begin to rule and make rules and regulations (according to their own sweet will) for the commoners.

Breaking News:

Females who enter into Escort services and become call girls are not all that helpless as Bollywood tries to show them. Bollywood will always treat the sassy, shameless girls with kid gloves because it is due to their unabashed nude body display that Bollywood managed to make som much money…and continuing to do so!


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