Forced Private Tuition Locha- A Curse For Students

Series: True Short Stories (based on real life experiences)

‘Forced’ Private Tuition Locha

As a soft skills plus Spoken English trainer, I once asked my students to write & discuss about their most memorable incident.

Here is one incident.

He (let’s call him Amit – not his real name) told us about the ‘corrupt’ tuitions business that run successfully in spite of the ban that Government has levied upon it!

He said that his parents were not very well to do and were somehow managing to pay the school fees. But the teacher in his school had made it mandatory for every student to attend the evening tuitions that he held at his residence. Amit denied to join his tuitions because of which he was very badly ragged throughout the year when he was under that particular teacher!

This humiliation was a very disturbing incident for him – that was indelible in his memory.

Anyways – he could fight the war – maybe because of very strong personality of parents &/or other family members – but what about the others who were quietly agreeing to pay both school fees and the private tuition fees?

What about the teacher who was shamelessly asking and even threatening the students to attend his private classes?

Conclusion: Individuals have to awaken to fight against corruption – that begins at school level.

For Parents:

You depend on the teachers to inculcate good manners, knowledge & wisdom. If at school level a child is made to go through this humiliation, how can he ever be positive in life?

As parents, you try your level best to bring the sky down at your child’s feet…yet the child grows up to become a drug addict or an alcoholic – do you realize that you have to involve yourselves more into the schooling and other community activities – so that together you all can solve such issues?

Arise, Awake – I think we all have slept enough!


Please see – If the student is poor in studies or does not concentrate in studies then parents can arrange for teachers engaged in private tuition. This is agreeable – but school teachers should not force the students of his/ her class to mandator-ily attend his private tuition classes.

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