Foster mother kills baby because it was disturbing her flamboyant lifestyle!

Bold, beautiful and modern woman decides to hire a baby instead of getting pregnant herself – fear of losing her figure!

Shaila was into partying boozing & frolicking – she is an educated and modern woman after all…so child birth was not her cup of tea….according to her – ugly less-educated & mediocre females go for child birth…so she hires the widow of a rickshaw puller – and buys her baby. Later, she keeps the mother as an ayah too…but still could not tolerate the fact that she had to look after and care for the child…so she kills the baby!

Wow! So this is happening in India folks…. Indian women have really become so modern…and dumb at the same time – kudos!

Dumber still is the husband who agrees to his wife’s plan of adopting a child – wife forges medical certificate stating that she cannot become a mother! Mother-in-law is made a fool of by Shaila…she roams about in the house tying a pillow on her abdomen! There is no one else in the house – no relative, no friend – just no one who would pay them a visit and immediately know that she is not pregnant!

Amazing – often my friends tell me that such serials are not based on reality but just a figment of imagination….this one for sure must be just an imagination…I cannot believe that such utterly dumb people live in India!!


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