From Harpic to Incense Sticks

From Harpic to Incense Sticks

You picked up the Harpic bottle

And cleaned the dirty commode

You are the ‘Shudra’

You placed an ad. in Quikr

You haggled with the buyer

You sold your bike

You are a ‘Vaishya’

You beat up the eve teaser

You filed an FIR against the thug

You are a ‘Kshatriya’

You took a bath & lit a candle

And some incense sticks…& prayed

In front of your favourite deity’s altar

You are a ‘Brahmin’

You are all in one

So how can you outcaste someone?

Did you cut off your left arm that picked up the harpic bottle?

Did you abuse and accuse yourself for bargaining & haggling for few more coins?

Did you reward yourself for beating up the wrong doer?..

Did you expect any reward for performing your duty?!

Did you fall at your own feet while worshipping God?!

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One thought on “From Harpic to Incense Sticks

  1. Awesome! Pointless stuff we have come up with and made our identities…

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