Gharonda- 1977 Film review- Aumaparna

Gharonda- 1977 Film review- Aumaparna

Story of young dreamy couple – Sudip and Chaya. They are in love with each other. They belong to middle class..lower middle class family.

In comes a cheater – a fraud who swindles many middle class investors and runs away with their money. Sudip’s friend even commits suicide – because he lost all the money.

In comes another character to mess up the life of the lovers – an old haggard and dilapidated male – played by Sriram Lagu who proposes Chaya promising her to settle her brother’s life too.

Sudip convinces Chaya to marry the dilapidated old boss because he would anyways die soon! An altogether new aspect of Sudip’s nature and character is revealed to Chaya. She is shocked to know that all the hype that males create about virginity, chastity expected from wife is all false and worthless – esp. In front of money! For money people can do anything and get away with anything!

Chaya marries the aged hag and the old man suddenly begins to feel better – a young taut female had come in his life after all – he probably started feeling like a hot blooded teenager again exploring a virgin island! Sudip, who was expecting the old hag to die, is shocked to see how comfortable was Chaya getting slowly while living in luxury and riches!

Chaya then shoos Sudip off…basically drives him outta her life because he wasn’t a good man after all. He had agreed to share his ‘supposed’ lover with an aged dilapidated hag just for money!…well folks, it is certainly not easy to become and behave like Shri Rama in a world ruled by Ravanas!

Conclusion –

Poverty is reason for mismatches – ideally Sudip should have married Chaya but dearth of money made her marry an aged piece of stale meat and live sadly ever after.

Poverty is reason for cheaters to flourish. Frauds will always exploit this weakness of men. Give carrot and stick incentive and run away with all the money.

Eradicating poverty from the roots is the need of the hour …also to avoid abnormal relationships!


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