Gone Girl – When Infidelity Is Aptly Punished !

When Infidelity Is Punished Aptly!

Amy, a celebrity since childhood, gets married to a regular guy Nick. Her first mistake.
Amy’s parents had brought her up in a very competitive environment and were always pushing her into limelight – they made her a celebrity and were basically living off her earnings!

She meets Nick, a content writer for men’s magazine and they fall in love – this they realize after making wild love just anywhere they found a little room to spread out –like Library..elevator etc. So since their physical compatibility was great ….. thus they tie the nuptial knot.

Nick’s mother was unwell so Amy gave up her plush life in New York and shifted to suburban Missouri. Her second mistake. As years pass – 5 years to be precise, Amy finds out that Nick was having an affair with his young and taut and tight creviced student! Amy then decides to frame Nick for her murder by ingratiating herself into local life, faking a pregnancy, and fabricating a diary describing her fear of him. By using the clues in a game she and Nick play on their anniversary, she ensures he visits places where she has planted evidence against him for the police to find. Amy has changed her appearance and name and is hiding in a distant campground, believing Nick will be convicted and executed for her murder, and contemplating committing suicide after his conviction.


Things somehow do not work her way and eventually she kills one of her ex-boyfriends and reports to the cops that it was her ex-boyfriend who had kidnapped her and had been torturing her.

Nick knows very well that she is lying but still has to live with her pretending to love her and even agreeing to become parents!


Women should never marry someone below her level of intelligence, fame or financial status. Amy’s 1st mistake was to choose a mediocre male as her life partner! Had she gone for someone as creative or versatile and famous as she was, she could have led a normal life after all!

Being mediocre – as compared to Amy, Nick obviously went seeking some female below him in caliber – this is MALE nature – which he found in his dumb & sex starved female student! Males cannot tolerate a female ruling over their heads. In office etc. they somehow accept a lady boss or reporting head – for the salary – but at home they can seldom tolerate such position. Discrepancy is bound to occur.

Amy’s punishment for Nick for his infidelity is just apt….though I feel sorry for Amy who could have done much better in life had she not fallen in love with good-for-nothing & dumb male that Nick was!

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