Good news for the highly libidinous citizens of our nation!

Living-ins now acceptable in society, rules Supreme Court


Good news for the adventurous & highly libidinous citizens of our nation.

Now they (both males and females) will happily ‘hump’ each other and then readily kick each other’s ‘butt’ when they find a better (more libidinous) partner to spend their life…time with!


And what if she conceives?

There are several clinics that boldly carry ‘illegal’ abortions – she can approach there.

What if it is too late for abortion & she has to deliver the unwanted child?

The poor child will take birth.

What if the male decides to leave the mother of his child as well as the child?

Women are fiercely independent nowadays – esp. financially…. she will surely raise the child all by herself.

What if she finds another male to ‘hump’ her happily for some weeks/months/years?

He will have to accept her along with the child.

What if he does not like any liabilities?

She will have to give up the ‘child’ born to her through that beepish male…(sob sob) who left her when she wanted him the most!!

What happens to the child now?

He/she can be given for adoption.

What guarantee is there that the parents who adopt the child will be good people – who will love the child selflessly as parents do?

No guarantee. They may be running a child trafficking racket or similar business (often seen in episodes of Savdhaan India).

Will it affect the nation in any way?

I don’t know about the nation but the media will have some news to cover (when the cops will by-chance uncover child trafficking racket) and films will have a new concept t show…to we, the people. They will show us the consequences of ‘live-in’ relationships and we will become more fanatic than ever!

The child will eventually grow up to hate the world and if he / she has a strong personality…then they will even influence millions of dumb citizens of any nation to spread hatred and violence.


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