Guide- Hindi Film Review by Aumaparna


A tourist guide (Raju) helps a courtesan cum prostitute’s daughter (later a wife of an archaeologist) Rosie, to make it big as a stage dancer.

Raju breaks off all relations from his aged mother, friends from childhood – in fact his entire village – just to make Rosie achieve her dreams of dancing on stage.

Of course Rosie was beautiful to look at too – the prostitutes are very clever – they only let the sperm of a good looking client to fertilize their ovum during the ‘fertile’ period of the month. This was they ensure the birth of good looking offsprings – for in their world – only physical beauty is important – they don’t need good heart or nice behaviour – because they get paid for physical appeal only – poor things!

So this village bred – more or less illiterate Raju – gets to sleep with a pretty female…who was also kind of experienced in ‘sex’ – remember she was married with an aged khadoos – she surely wasn’t a virgin! No no – explicit ‘love-making’ scenes are not shown between Raju and Rosie in the film – just a slight hint – for it was shot in the 1960’s – when we, the Indians, were very back-dated and hypocrites – and believed that skin flicks and ‘humping scenes’ should not be included in regular family blue-films it was okay I guess!(not sure – was not born then…so cannot tell much about the hippy culture)

Anyways, Rosie did not take much time to become famous. Most Indian males go crazy when they see a beautiful female jumping high & low wearing transparent thingies. She reached the big stage because she knew of some Indian classical dance mudras too…otherwise she would have remained a local stage dancer who are watched by drunkards and whistled at….like the present day bar dancers (dance balas) basically!

Raju, who was born and brought up in dire poverty, was enjoying the sudden downpour of wealth – he soon became a drunkard and a gambler – so clichéd huh!

Then he was jailed for forgery – then he was mistaken for a saint by illiterate villagers, then he died. End of story!

Why are people so sympathetic towards this Raju guide is what I fail to understand! Guess what..this story – Upanayas – was included in the Hindi syllabus of Class XI in Kendriya Vidyalaya!! – no…not in my session..or else I would have barbarically raped it!! Lol!




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