So Hijaab/Naquaab is a very scientific approach to dressing after all!

Yet another Scientific Approach Practiced Since Ages by Muslims

We are now calling it UV Protection caps and thinking ourselves to be great innovators!

The skin of women is more delicate and thus it gets tanned & blemished easily with too much exposure to sun – thus the Niquab or Hijab. UVA & UVB radiations – from sun – cause skin cancer and other related diseases. So? Was it so wrong of our ancestors to derive measures to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun?

& as far as dirty looks from (couple of) debauch males is concerned …..well, have we been able to stop rapes & eve teasing in spite of so much technological advancements – hidden cameras & GPS & apps – ooo lala – what about it?? Protection is always better than cure.

Please understand that RAPE is a devastating experience for a lady. You may light over thousands of candles near some national monument to show her your support & sympathy – but she gets very badly bruised within.


Please read the article –…/understanding-uva-and-uvb

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