How are tough spiritual concepts such as ‘Kundalini awakening’ so easily available nowadays?

How are tough spiritual concepts such as ‘Kundalini awakening’ so easily available nowadays?

Let me ask you a question in return…..

Here is a Bengali song depicting the ancient Indian Postal service scenario:


ranaar chuteche tai jhum jhum ghonta bajche raat e …

(the oldest form of Postal service where humans used to run the entire night to reach the letters to respective addresses)


WhatsApp bejeche tai tring-pring ringtone bajche raat e….

(Smartphones bringing us world news/ Personal messages on our pillow tops!)

So folks, when Telecommunication engineers could bring about so much advancement in postal or message conveying services….what makes you think that the True Spiritualists would not make any advancement in the Spiritual field?

Just like there has been rapid growth and development in all sectors – that are manmade, similarly there has been rapid development in the spiritual realms as well. ‘Kundalini Awakening’ was very rare – extremely rare in the yesteryears…just like owning a Telephone way back in the 1970’s was considered a luxury – but is it a big deal anymore? Even the cobblers and garbage disposers – who are considered to be living hand to mouth and are financially poor, own a cell phone. Right?

Therefore folks, do not judge advancements in the spiritual realms to be something impossible or unachievable – when humans could bring about such rapid growth in technologies…do you really think that God – the Almighty – The Shristikarta – is so helpless that He wouldn’t device a plan and a way to bring back His true devotees & followers to Him?

Of course there is. And yes, It is the ‘Kundalini Energy’ that rises with the grace of the Sadhguru and makes us merge with the DIVINE.

Yes, through Sahaja Yoga, the practitioner can actually feel as well as even see the pulsations of the rising Kundalini plus benefit immensely from it. Give it a try. It is taught for FREE in many sub-centers.


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