How I add friends on Facebook or other social networks?

How I add friends on Facebook or other social networks?

I see the timeline of the friendship requester.

Observe the type and kind of posts.

Quickly see the kind of friends already added by the member (A man is known by the type of friends he keeps – remember?)

I send friend requests to Sahaja Yogis – based on the number of mutual (Sahaja Yogi) friends.

I expect the newly joined friend to go through my timeline – read what I have to say, like or share the post if he/she deems fit.

I have nothing personal to share or chat about (unless it is some Sahaja Yoga project and some fellow Sahajee requires my assistance)

I maybe single but I not ready to mingle at all – so you may be a king, prince, pauper, pervert – whatever – do not make any dumb advances towards me – well, I will simply block you, that’s all (this I wrote so that one does not remain in the dark or be clueless about why he was blocked.)

Let me also add the fact that I have even blocked a Sahaja Yogi – because I found out that he has just got some Sahaja Yogi friends but does not really practice Sahaja Yoga. Just by saying ‘Jai Shri Mataji’ one does not become a Sahaja Yogi. So seekers, please be careful of such charlatans – since we practice Sahaja Yoga – we come to know who is a fraud and who is genuine – but as a new comer, you may get confused and start following him/ her blindly. Please use your basic common sense and discretion before following someone.

Suffice to say – Do not expect me to chat for long hours and exchange private family/ professional matters, then share the phone number, then fall in love and get married and live miserably for couple of weeks! I am 50 plus – not some 15 years old dumb bimbo who is looking high and low for her Prince charming.


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