How many Indian Women will agree to perform sleazy Item Numbers?

How many Indian Women will agree to perform sleazy Item Numbers?

Dear foreigners,

Do not judge Indian Women on the basis of couple of cheap Item Girls that the Indian Pimp Industry (unfortunately also affluent and influential) promotes day in and day out via films, magazines and other mediums of communication.

Such mediums only probably show 10% of the total Indian woman population i.e. only 10 (or even less) out of every 100 Indian woman may agree to dance wearing under-garments in front of sleazy debauch drunkard males! Rest of us are busy doing the following:

  • Cooking,
  • washing clothes & utensils,
  • taking kids of school,
  • bringing them back from school,
  • making them do their homework,
  • sweeping and dusting & keeping home clean,
  • if with in-laws – taking care of them,
  • if working – taking care of both home and office fronts,
  • if student then studying and preparing for exams to get a good result,
  • if in absence of exam time, hanging out with friends (maybe both boys & girls) eating out and watching films or just plain gossiping.

In India, the females who have to dance to such raunchy tunes are considered unfortunate – born to demon families who have sinned in their past lives – and thus have to shamelessly dance and perform strip-tease for sleazy pigs.


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