How to identify a GENUINE GURU?



At the rate the false gurus, the so called “yoga experts”, the Godmen with large followings are getting exposed nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to convince those who don’t show much discretion, that you cannot put everything in one common basket.

They should understand that just as there are real flowers, you can get also thousands of plastic ones with different hues and sizes trying to pass off as genuine. So by discarding all, what one tends to do is akin to throwing the baby along with the bath water.

Unfortunately today, the term “Guru” , which should only be reserved for one who awakens you to your own spirit within and makes you realize your own higher self (spirit) and subsequently the Universal Self (a name for God), it is being used indiscriminately for those who teach you most mundane stuff.

To recognize a real “Guru”, the first pre-requisite is that one has got to be a seeker…seeking only the absolute truth.

Often in countries with a traditional past like in India… there is a tradition of seeking and having a guru to lead you to it is considered as mandatory. Such individuals are drawn to anyone who claim to be spiritual and who try to portray themselves as saints by donning outside garbs like orange robes, beads around the necks, long tresses, etc. etc. Today we also get to see sophisticated gurus who feed you with some philosophical mumbo-jumbo in pedantic words, taken from various sources and who try and appeal to your intelligence. Needless to say they become corporate spiritual gurus with an eye on your purse.

Such gurus who are only after money and power are available today at the rate of dime a dozen. And it is because of lack of discretion among most people that they are able to flourish and build empires and fiefdoms for themselves. Their techniques and methods of gaining complete control over their disciples or devotees, can vary according to what they are eyeing… the wealth of the disciples or having complete control over them by hypnotising and mesmerizing them, so that they become puppets in their hands whom they can use to do harmful work or any anti-God activities.

But all human beings have got to realize one thing now. Today the prophesied time is upon us…which most scriptures have talked about. DAYS OF JUDGMENT, QIYAMAH, ROSH HASHANAH, FARSHO KARETI, SECOND COMING OF CHRIST… etc.

We have to accept that today our human awareness at a collective level has not been enough to take us to a higher level of our evolution and due to this we now stand at crossroads and have created problems for ourselves at all levels… individual, physical, mental, emotional, social, societal, religious, spiritual, ecological, economical, moral, political, etc, etc.

We need to rise in our consciousness… both individually and collectively… to overcome our human limitations and go beyond our limited minds to realize the “absolute” truth…. which is miles ahead of what we now know as truth … which is only “relative”.

We have to cross the 3 Dimensional world in which most of us live and be ready to open ourselves to the 4th Dimension, which we can easily enter, if we allow ourselves to use the inborn energy which the Divine has placed within the “sacrum” bone of our spine, by awakening it from a dormant state within.

And for awakening of this energy…. known as Kundalini (named so as it is found in 3 1/2 coils), all that we need is our own pure desire and a “MASTER” or a genuine “GURU”, who can awaken it spontaneously.

Today, these are blossom times and thousands and thousands of people, across the globe can bear testimony that it is possible to rise in one’s consciousness by a simple meditation technique known as SAHAJA YOGA…. discovered in 1970 by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi…. where en masse Self-Realisation can be given to those who are genuinely seeking their salvation and Pure Knowledge of the Spirit.

Sahaja Yoga is not about mere empty talk about ideals…but it provides a practical tool to manifest these ideals within each of us in a spontaneous way. There is no question of any money involved…. Shri Mataji was clear to point out that you cannot pay for something which is Divine.

“How much did you pay to evolve to a human being from an amoeba stage”, She questioned. Further, She went to the extent to say that “why should you even believe in what I say to you… rather you should take up as a hypothesis what I tell you, and as a scientist, only after experiencing it, should you accept something as truth.” She said that “how is it of any use to you if I have inner powers? Awaken your own dormant powers within and let them manifest.”

Only a genuine Guru can say all this and possibly it is our “Punyas” (meritorious deeds) earned in our past lifetimes, which can lead us to such a Guru.

Article shared by Sahaja Yogini Armaity Bhabha

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