I never found Uttam Kumar charming enough!

I never found Uttam Kumar charming enough!

Here is the reason –

I grew up outside West Bengal,

Grew up watching more of Bollywood and Hollywood films

By the time I came to Kolkata – (at around 18 years of age) I was already exposed to the good looks and charming personality of Gregory Peck and Amitabh Bachchan respectively!

It is but obvious then that I will not be impressed with the kinds of Uttam Kumar – right?

What does this mean?

Means that your choices and desires get built according to your exposure to your environment!

Choices differ according to environment. Do not force your choice upon anyone else. Do not expect others to have the same opinion as yours.

Conclusion – Keep an open mind. Do not believe that whatever you know/ like/ desire is the ultimate and the best! The more you open your mind, the more you will learn to live better.



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