I was after Kundalini Awakening ever since I read Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda

I was after Kundalini Awakening ever since I read Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda

In my previous post you must have read about my initiation into the world of spirituality – thanks to Linda Goodman Star Signs!

Now folks – after having read CWSV, it was time for me to extract the gist from the complete works…. and yes for this I must thank both my English and Hindi literature and language teachers at Kendriya Vidyalaya!

Somewhere Swamiji had mentioned that – whoever has achieved anything that is great and immortal in nature…esp. has brought in benefit for the mass (Bahujan Hitaye, Bahujan Sukhaye), or is pleasing to the senses – eyes or ears (eg. good painting or architecture, music or song lyrics) – be rest assured that some strands of his/her kundalini shakti must have arisen and touched the Sahasrara – and the creativity must have got the touch of the everlasting and immortal Divine!


That was it ! My inference after reading CWSV – Kundalini awakening is a must to merge with the divine.

I started seeking ways to awaken the Kundalini Shakti. I issued couple of books that talked about the Kundalini shakti. But I noticed one thing though – every book warned about one thing – Never ever try to awaken the shakti without the guidance of a SadhGuru – if Kundalini awakening is tried on your own – the result could be fatalistic!

Anyways, I got a book where there was a mantra given to please Mother Kundalini! I used to chant that…then I read all about the chakras, the qualities of various chakras, the powers and siddhis that you get once the chakras begin to function or are awakened with practice – basically the divine deities presiding the chakras awaken and they then start to bless the entity with their powers and that is how outwardly we can show unique qualities etc.

For example if the 2nd chakra – i.e. the swadhisthana chakra gets awakened – means that the blessings of Shri Brahma Dev & Shri Mata Saraswati befalls on the entity and he/she might achieve great heights in the field of creativity..or even inventions of outer space etc.

Dad’s retirement and eventual shifting to our ancestral house ….

Many people (cousins and relatives) had mentioned to me as to how will I adjust to the sub-urban lifestyle of Kolkata (our ancestral house had been renovated but was about 1 hour by car drive away from proper city) – having had the most glamorous and disciplined Army upbringing ! Honestly speaking – it did not occur to me as something grave – I had after all been exposed to CWSV..and my priorities in life had changed drastically – although it was not visible outwardly…..like I did not obviously change my dressing sense to ochre colored gowns (lol) – and I kept my spiritual tastes to myself…..such discussions are seldom entertained by worldly people you see!

Anyways ….strange things happened – my love story – most importantly…..and my eventual finding of my SadhGuru in 2002! So my spiritual SadhGuru seeking started way back in 1992…and ended in 2002…not bad huh – 10 years only …for something our ancient saints and seers spent eons…!!

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