Is it mandatory to aspire for spiritual growth?

You have your relatives, friends and well wishers

Who give you physical, mental and emotional support

Your job, workplace, boss, colleagues

Give you financial support and fetch you a respectable position in the society

Of course, workplace also gives you both mental & emotional stability
You are able to utilize your talents and skills for the betterment (of the quality of life) of self and others

Now what about your spiritual support?
Who supports the growth & development of your soul?

Do you grow spiritually too?

Yes, you do.

Your personal set of angels and deities support your throughout.

Whether you follow any ritual/ religion or not – you still are in the vigilance of spiritual beings

And your karmas (deeds of all past lives) determine how actively the angels will be involved in your spiritual growth & development….And yes, your astral or planetary chart is also laid according to your karmas.

Is there any way that you can accelerate your spiritual growth?

Yes, there is – pure, authentic meditation. With proper meditation – under the tutelage of a True Spiritual Master (Sadhguru), you can grow spiritually.

What is the use of growing spiritually?

What is the use of growing professionally? – it gives you a sense of achievement, satisfaction & happiness – as bank balance fetches you all the creature comforts you like to own for self and family.

Spiritual growth fetches you Sat-Chit-Anand – The absolute bliss of divinity.

Is it mandatory to pursue your spiritual growth?

No – it is your FREE WILL – remain happy with money and creature comforts or strive for absolute BLISS. Choice is entirely yours.

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