Kudos to the Bihar Warriors, Indian Army.

Kudos to the Bihar Warriors, Indian Army.

Hi folks,

If you have been following my write-ups closely, you will certainly know about my feelings regarding Indian Army! Yup, I loved my Army upbringing…still love it! In fact if I am to segregate my life in the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly phases – then I would say that the first 18 years of my caterpillar life was spent in the Army feeding on the lushious greenery (Indian Army is all green you see)! And …well right now, I still am in my cocoon – the Kolkata Cocoon…let’s see when I can emerge as a butterfly!- wish me luck friends!


Anyways, after retirement, both the Army officers & Jawaans are eligible for certain perks – like the ECHS card (EX-SERVICEMEN CONTRIBUTORY HEALTH SCHEME) and the Smart canteen card. Since I was dependent on my parents, I was also eligible for the same.

The distance between canteen and parking lot at Salt Lake (Nicco Park) Military enclosure area:

Before the arrival of the Bihar warriors, the distance between the parking lot and the canteen was a bit too much! Like we had to park the car at one end and walk all the way to the canteen and then again with heavy bags (after buying things to last for a month at subsidised rates) we had to walk back to the car. In my case it was still okay because dad always sat at the clinic and I used to collect the canteen stuff – but there were many other aged ex-servicemen – all retired and probably above 60 or even 70 – fragile and even down with some kind of health ailment (arthritis etc.) had to walk all the way to the parking lot!

Sometimes I had seen couple of senior officers seeking permission from the manager around if they could bring the car closer so that they don’t have to carry the heavy packets all the way to the car. So for getting such a permission, they had to go to some particular officer or JCO and the process was pretty long drawn!

I used to feel really sad when I saw them carry heavy bags…but I really was not in any position to help them ! I just felt sad for the aged retired officers!


A sudden change in scenario that really brightened my mood…and re-established my faith in all that is GOOD!

I used to visit once a month to collect medicines for my parents and some necessary stuff from the canteen. As the car drove in, I suddenly saw the parking lot very close to the canteen – almost near the canteen door!! A new regiment had come in – The Bihar Warriors – and they had not only brought the parking lot close to the canteen premises but even utilized the adjoining area, made a separate billing area, fitted Air-conditioner inside the canteen, made seating arrangements for those who could not stand in a queue for long! So many positive changes! And all the changes that must have been thought of directly from the heart – with love for the ex-servicemen!

I was amazed at the changes they made! They actually implemented the phrase ‘Customer is the King’!

I thank all those who were involved in planning and implementing the canteen innovation from the bottom of my heart!

May GOD give you all more power, love & success!

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