What Chakras is to Hindus, Latifah is to Muslims

 Insight Of Islam and Spiritual Stations: The One Who Recognised Self Has Recognised Allah (Hadis).

The Two Sides to Islam Worship:

There are two sides of Islam to practice. One is Open side to all. The other side is hidden side within ones own body. In the open side of Islam, whatever we practice, our practice can be seen by other people. Like prayers performed in mosques, prayers performed during hajj, prayer performed jointly like in funeral, donation and charity given to the institutions or to the individuals, zakat etc are the open side of Islam.
The hidden side of Islam is that which cannot be seen openly by others while performing Islamic practices by the practitioner. Like the prayers done in the loneliness, prayers performed in a corner of a house, meditation performed in the house at dawn time, zikr or repeated recitation of attributed names of Allah by heart, meditation performed by breathing, recitation of Allah’s names by breathing are the hidden practices and can be broadly called as hidden side of Islam.
By practicing the above in an Islamic way, a time is reached after some time that the various chakras (Wheels in English and Lataaif in Arabic/Islam & Chakras in Hindi/Sanskrit) within the body of the practitioner start opening. The inner awakening of the self is nothing but the opening of these lataaif of the body. The Hindu religion call this as Kundalini awakening. In Islam, it is called as lataaif energy awakening.
In fact the latifa or lataaif or chakras are subtle node-points of the body nerves system. These nerves are also subtle. This inner science of the body is totally subtle and can only be realized to the awakened practitioner. Subtle thing is something which we feel and realize but cannot be shown or cannot be physically demonstrated.
We may understand the subtle thing like a body figure made of light or shadow but if we want to pick that figure, we can’t pick it up. In the same way, if the practitioner is awakened by the Islamic practices, he or she feels like very fine, discrete, small amplitude but high frequency vibrations are sensed by the subtle nerves.
The subtle node points of these subtle nerves system of the body are the lataaif or chakra. There are total seven chakras or lataaif in the body. The subtle nerves system has a big three subtle channels through which lataaif energy are flowing. These channels are directing from anus to top of the head. The central subtle channel is passing through spinal cord. The chakras are located on this central channel from bottom to top. Bottom most chakra lies at the sacrum bone situated near the anus and top most at the mid point of top of the skull.

 There are seven chakras:

There are seven chakras. When the Heart Chakra is awakened, the lataaif energy reaches in the heart. This state of the body is called to be the body of the believer. In hadis al qudsi it is written that Allah says that he cannot be contained in the skies or the earth, but he can be contained in the heart of a believer.


The heart chakra is the fourth chakra in the body. The bottom chakra represents the earth plane. These chakras are associated with the physical world and the nafs (desires). Upper level chakras beyond the heart chakra are representing ruhaniyat or connection to higher level things like noor connecting to angels, spirits etc. If all chakras are awakened, the person can be considered as having connected to energy of Universe or more precisely, the universal person or the person connected to spiritual worlds.

  The love and grace of spiritual guide:

Normally, these chakras can be opened by the love and grace of spiritual guide and through tremendous religious practices and mujahidas and pleasing our beloved prophet(sav) and ultimately pleasing Allah.
These chakras can also be opened by the transfer of power by a saint.


But one thing must be required. The body of the practitioners must have been trained to receive flow of lataaif energy.
To train the body means to open chakras in full to allow and channel the flow of energy in a smooth way. Otherwise, paralysis or in some case death may also occur. Our Prophet’s (sav) body was trained by Hazarat Jibrael (AS). Our Prophet (sav) had performed salat al ma’akoos in which one has to tie ones legs with the branch of the tree and has to hang upside down. To train the body, the spiritual guide strictly and harshly get his devotees perform hard and deep meditation and other mujahidas.


Our prophet performed such hidden practices in the cave of Mount Hira until 40 years. When chakras are awakened, the energy flow starts with subtle vibrations. This vibrations release waves and energy. The upper level chakras have high frequencies. Highest frequencies are obtained by top most chakra. These chakras release energy with waves. So, this is like light which has frequencies and waves. X-rays, gamma rays, ultra violate rays and ordinary sun rays etc are the forms of light.
We know that Allah is noor (light). So, the awakened person can reach to Sidratul Muntaha- a place of Jibrael(AS), and even up to throne of Allah by the connection of these energy and waves.
Sufism: The word Suf has two meanings. One meaning is the thick woolen cloth and the other meaning is a sitting place around the stem of a tree masoned by bricks, stones or simply through clay for sitting and shelter purpose during the hot sun time heat. The poor holy companions of holy Prophet Mohammed (sav) were used to take shelter all through out the life beneath the tree which was grown in from of the house of our holy Prophet (sav) in Madinah.
 Our Prophet(sav) used to sit with these companions during leisure time during evening, night or during mid day. These companions were blessed by supreme divine knowledge by our Prophet (sav). These people (companions of the tree) were considered as the Sufis due to their wearing thick woolen cloth and sitting and living under the tree with masoned sitting place. These companions were the real Islamic University. From them, word ‘sufi’ have been derived.
 So, Sufism is the way of living like the companion of the Prophet lived taking shelter under the tree and taking guidance from the Prophet. They were the people of Prophet’s front yard! They had no house. They were giving thanks to Allah whether the food were available or not. They were full of patience.
So, such life style is a style of a sufi. Such people imparted knowledge to those whom they wished. They imparted the real inner knowledge of Islam. Now let us understand the meaning of the hadis – Who recognized the self has recognized Allah.


In Arabic  “Man araf nafsahu faqad araf rabbahu” The self realization is the awakening of these chakra or lataaif of the body. Only then, the flow of energy flows through subtle nerves system, the heart and the brain. Naturally, when the brain gets this energy, the brain cells are energized and become more powerful.
In course of time, the miracles may be performed by awakened person. Of course, it depends on the wish of Almighty Allah. Our aim is to make this potential passive energy in to a dynamic and flowing energy with the help of Islamic practices. Once, this aim is achieved, we have acquired the status – ‘one who recognized oneself has recognized Allah’. This is called as ‘Khud ki Pehchan’ in urdu/hindi. Or ‘Self realization in English’ .
Why Allah has called the human as ‘Ahsanuttaqweem-the best in the creation’ in surah Wattin in quran? This word is used for human and not for any other thing including holy kaaba in Mecca, because, human has every thing within himself which is contained in the universe.
 Human body is made of five basic elements like earth (clay), air, fire, water and ether. Human contains energy given by Allah. Human can connect himself/herself with light (noor) and thus obtain divine help from souls and from Allah. No other creation like trees, animals, vegetation, rocks, earth, fire, air etc has these properties. When the light of Allah (noor of Allah) enter the heart of the human, his heart becomes the house of Allah.
 So, in physical world, there is a holy kaaba, while there is a house of Allah in the heart of the human. There are seven skies in physical world; while there are seven subtle chakras in the human body. To ascend to seven skies and further with the help of buraq was done by our Prophet (sav) called as meraj, while the ascending of the energy through these seven chakras is called the meraj of a believer.
 Hence our holy prophet called salaat as meraj of the believer. The salaat means the prayer in which the energy is climbed from bottom chakra to top chakra and such salaat is nothing but a meditation performed through breathing and weaving Allah’s name with each breath. This salaat is called as salaat-e-daemi.
The normal prayer performed in mosques cannot raise the energy from bottom to head through chakras. Normal prayer (salaat) is recognized as kaaemi salaat.”

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