Life after Death followed by the process of Meiosis Cell Division.

How the chakras come in human beings? What time? What stage of life?
I’ll try to cover most of the points that you have asked but I must say that I was very happy to hear most of the questions because that shows that your inquiry is getting subtler and subtler; that you already know about the gross side of chakras and now you want to know the subtler forms. Now the first question, which should be taken up first, is the one – “How the chakras come into human beings? What time? What stage of life?” because that should be the first question.


This question is something like if we ask, “What time a primule comes into the being of a seed?” is something like that, that, a human being, when he dies – as I have told you before, he does not die fully – only a part of him dies, which is mostly the Earth element, and the rest of the elements remain there. The rest of the body disappears and we can’t see it because it is not a complete human form. It goes on decreasing in size and the Kundalini leaves the body and stays outside, outside the body. And the Atma, what we call the Spirit, also leaves the body, and stays outside the body, which is the remaining body.

The constitution of this new body is different from our constitution. A light that is extinguished has all the body except for the light. But the light goes out of that body now. In the same way, in a human being who dies, the Spirit and the Kundalini leave the body, but they are around that body. And it’s a great procedure that follows which is fantastic. It’s unbelievable how the body disappears into different elements also.

But first of all, let us see, when such bodies which remain like that, they go into what you call the Pretalok (प्रेत लोक – Spirit world). There they become seeds or they become smaller and smaller and smaller till one body forms an ova and what you know as a sperm.

Process of fertilization : Watch video :

In one body it is formed. I don’t know if you have seen the division of chromosomes how it takes place? It’s a complete division. If the chromosome is like that, it’s a complete vertical division and a complete separation takes place. That is why marriages and selection of partners, all these have a great place. For ordinary bodies it does not matter for the Divine; they take place in such a manner that there can be at random connections established. For example an ova of one may combine with the sperm of another. It happens at a very lower stage of evolution; among human beings also it happens like that for some people who are just not very evolved.

But mostly the ova rejects the sperms. It only accepts that sperm which is meant to be accepted. Now it is such a minute work. It is so fantastic that it is unbelievable. We have no idea as to how God works out in those. It’s absolutely tremendous that even the ova, rejects, goes on rejecting, the sperm that is not the second part of itself! And that’s how so many sperms are wasted and so many ova’s are wasted. So you can imagine that there is a tremendous machinery, which is working out this. Specially people who are realized, when they are reborn, all the forces of the Divine combine to see that these, this ova is placed with a person who is ultimately going to meet the person who has the proper sperm so that there is no problem as far as the meeting is concerned. And the Divine takes all the care of these great souls.

The work of the Divine is very, very fantastic and it is beyond human conception to understand how the awareness of God can look after all the minute small things of the world. You cannot do even a small thing like attaching this to this one, unless and until you pay some human attention. So you can imagine the attention of God, who embeds so many seeds in this Mother Earth and gives you such huge, big trees! I mean, you have taken them for granted, but if you watch you will see this Fantastic, Dynamic Force behind it also, which thinks it, which does it, so perfectly. But we think that it is all automatic and that’s how we can bear it, and that’s how we can bear Sahaja yoga also, thinking that it is all automatic.

Advice to Realised Souls, Bordi (India), 26 January

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