Lives of Women – Various Permutations & Combinations

Lives of Women – Various Permutations & Combinations

A girl child is conceived and any one of the following can happen to her:

    1. Aborted after Sex Determination Test (SDT) so as to avoid giving dowry or waste money on her education, food and clothing …only for her to grow, get married and serve someone else’s family. Unfortunately there are many in 3rd world countries who think that girl child is a liability and find ways to abort her in the womb.
    2. Takes birth in a sensible family that does not believe in gender discrimination (lucky girl) – given good education, food and clothing (according to the financial status of the family). Such family girls are encouraged to have an independent life – financial independence esp. – they become doctors, engineers, teachers, air hostesses, nurses, politicians – anything that the job market has to offer to educated or skilled people. They get married and manage to balance well – both personal and professional life. Some fail in balancing the two but many succeed also….those who are versatile and are capable of multitasking.
    3. Takes birth in a mentally sick and/or socially backward family where the male child is given more preference over the girl child – like better quality food and education is given to son and daughters are somehow (reluctantly) given support so that she helps in household chores and helps her mother in cooking, cleaning, washing etc…later the same she will do for her in-laws with an added responsibility of becoming a baby-producing machine as well!

    1. Girls born in Red Light Areas take up their mother’s profession – in spite of several NGO’s and Government support to release them from the shackles of sex-slavery – prostitution continues. The pimp industry is too big and frustrated perverts are many in number – so it is IMPOSSIBLE to put an end to this age old profession –Prostitution – so they say! Although many things – that were considered as redundant and not required for social growth & development – have been eradicated but sex-slavery is still thriving full-on…may be because of utter frustration and disgruntled lifestyles of we, the people.
    2. Couple of girls born in well-to-do families with the best of education and upbringing still take to sex-slavery – in a modern way of course. They willingly and actively participate in Porn films – hard, soft, medium, regular – and pass it off in the name of ‘Modern Creativity’. Such females make lots of money by displaying their private parts in public and rolling on the hay with different males – they are financially independent and can get away with anything – buy anything and everything. Such females are considered the most intelligent and clever because they are famous, rich and have contacts with powerful (& rich) males. They may be having a traumatic childhood of incest-incidents or Child sex abuse….they become rebels and don’t give a damn to the society. It is also possible that their mothers – who are usually role models to their daughters – had a terrible life of sacrifice – father being a wife beater or mother was a desperate housewife – whatever – such things usually trigger a rebellious lifestyle…..many females show their anger towards the society by going against all rules and norms of decency – for she herself never saw anything pleasant happening to her since her childhood – so she does not bother to behave like a pleasing personality!

  1. Because of rise in demand for more females for temporary pervert pleasures – thanks to ‘shameless’ females who readily pout and pose in front of the camera and have no scruples at all – girls from rural, sub-urban, urban & remote tribal areas are either raped and murdered so that they do not lodge a complaint against the rapists or kidnapped and sold in the sex market to become sex-workers. Parents of such girls lodge an FIR at the local Police station and wait for the cops to bring back their daughters. The cops are seldom successful because many rich and politically powerful males and females are involved in the sex-racket – they operate very smoothly to smuggle out girls … out of the region…even country! If by chance the cops get their daughter back, many parents do not accept her back because she is probably raped multiple times and it would be difficult for them to get her married off. Such poor girls land up in rehab centres where they are given some training to financially sustain their own lives. (there could be a twist here also – many people open up orphanages or women support systems but that is just an eye wash – behind the closed doors – they are offered as sex workers to pervert beeps! – many Saavdhan India episodes have shown such occurrences!)
  2. Some girls, who are not so good in studies are married off – either love or arranged marriage – they play the role of a dutiful daughter-in-law and wife, give birth to children and spend their entire life to bring up children by giving them the best of facilities possible. Such wives (and later mothers) may be successful or a failure – depending on the environment and circumstances she is thrown into. Environment makes a man after all – so it is possible that she might have done her best for her children – but their environment was not good enough (political unrest, unruly friends from broken families, narrow minded in-laws and husband – many factors give rise to various circumstances!)
  3. There are girls who prefer being a housewife in spite of being academically good and /or loving, caring, warm & feminine etc – basically who are not career oriented. They can be entrepreneurs and start their own business while being home bound.  Even her life can be like what is stated in point no. 7 above – Environment Makes A Man… unless of course the woman has an extremely strong personality…then her children will remain stable and morally sound irrespective of their environment – with drug addict or immoral friends or corrupt surroundings – a very difficult scenario…but such strong personalities are there.

The above 8 points is just an outline of the various lifestyles of we, the women.

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